Idea of UK war with Russia ‘ridiculous’: Analyst

Wed Aug 10, 2016 7:12PM

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“I don’t think that in the doctrine of the British military there ever existed a real fear of Russia — of England standing alone against Russia,” says political analyst Joaquin Flores.

The idea of a military confrontation between the UK and Russia is “ridiculous” and indicates a shift of policies by the West, mainly the United States, to prevent the collapse of NATO, says a political analyst.

Joaquin Flores, director of the Center for Syncretic Studies, made the comments while discussing a leaked assessment by the UK Army that shows concern among the fore’s commanders about a possible war with Russia.

The document, details many disadvantages that British forces have compared to Russian military forces, The Times reported on Wednesday.

Flores said after years of defining their military might in the confines of NATO, it is now strange that the UK is trying to appear separate from the military alliance by implying that British troops might need to fight Russia “on their own.”

“For the last number of decades, since the end of world wars, the entire British military establishment in relation to the Cold War was always defined within the context of NATO,” the analyst told Press TV. “It never mattered before if the British Army, in particular, did not have parity with the entire Soviet Union.”

Flores said that England lost a large part of its “empire” after the world wars and is considered an outsider to this discourse.

That is why, he argued, such reports should be seen as a “serious cause for alarm,” since they show the London government is trying to contextualize the “ridiculous” idea of having military parity with Russia for the public.

“I don’t think that in the doctrine of the British military there ever existed a real fear of Russia — of England standing alone against Russia,” he added.

He attributed the change of policies towards Russia to three connected trends namely Brexit, NATO and the idea of a European Army.

On July 23, nearly 52 percent of Britons participating in a referendum voted to end their country’s membership in the European Union (EU).

The decision raised questions about Britain’s future in NATO and its membership in an EU Army, as an obligation under the Lisbon Treaty.

“This is how we can understand and unwrap this article and the trend emerging in British reporting about the standing of its military,” Flores noted.

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  • uhm

    I like this Joaquin Flores character as he thinks outside the box and has good forward thinking skills. I strongly believe Flores could be onto something in this broadcast. I suspect this is based on future moves from the Turkish President Erdogan and Donald Trump winning the U.S. Election. Donald Trump has been threatening to hinder the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which would effectively destroy the Alliance altogether. If NATO gets smashed then the European Union will most definitely rush forward with their E.U Army plans. If the E.U moves away from the Trans-Atlantic powers then it’ll need this European Army to defend itself. The British Empire (New Venice) may well be about to show its true colors as it has always sat there in the background via the City of London & Westminster controlling its United States debt-slave plantation. Please don’t fall for the illusions that Washington and Wall Street supposedly dictate to Britain, it’s the other way around with the City of London and Westminster dictating to Wall Street and Washington. Britain creates the illusion as a shield and proxy from discovery whilst just like a parasite it uses its Federal Reserve war bank and its world reserve currency as a crusading piggy bank. This crusade ponzi scheme then falls onto the backs of the American citizens/economy not on Britain’s. Either these are contingency plans for a Trump victory or it’s the desired plan as Britain realizes it has to start openly dominating as its New Venice Empire crumbles into collapse and the U.S. is distrusted across the world. The pressure from the BRICS is working and right now it looks like New Venice has lost the battle and is trying to stay afloat. Was it not the predictive programming movie ‘Children of Men’ [HPV Vaccine/GMO induced infertility] where Britain is once again the overt superpower of the world? You will see Britain become the open political power of the Trans-Atlantic system as people around the world watch for what the Prime Minister has to say instead of the U.S. President.

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