Cardinal Levada proposes intraclerical sex


Author of the “Le Confessioni di un Illuminato” trilogy, the Rome-based secret society network reformer Leo Zagami writes below:

The Vatican Gay saga, their famous members and their hidden network is a controversial subject featured in volume 3 of my Confession were I will also include this important official document from the Vatican that has been also verified and published by the irish tribune.
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The document referred to is a signed letter (posted below) dated March 6 2012 (so only three and a half weeks ago) from Cardinal William Levada (“Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”, Order of the Holy Sepulchre Grand Prior for the USA; SMOM US Western Association Conventual Chaplain) to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin (Archbishop of Dublin & Primate of Ireland). This includes Levada proposing:

“… the possibility of allowing homosexual relations between clergy in order to curb any temptations that might produce more cases of abuse of children entrusted to their care has found a substantial consensus on the part of almost all members of this congregation [i.e. Lavada’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith], was approved by the International Theological Commission, chaied by me and was also received favourably and kindly by the Holy Father in a private conversation.”

This is the same Cardinal Levada about which we read the following:

Addressing the issue of homosexual activity, Levada led a march of approximately 1,000 people through the streets of San Francisco in April 2005 to protest against gay marriage. For his denunciation of same-sex marriage, Levada has been criticized by LGBT associations. He wrote in 2004:
Heterosexual marriage, procreation and the nurturing of children form the bedrock of the family, and the family unit lies at the heart of every society. To extend the meaning of marriage beyond a union of a man and a woman, their procreative capacity, and their establishment of family represents a misguided understanding of marriage.[28]

Could the contrast between his public attitude towards homosexual non-clerics & his private attitude & secret campaigning towards the free internal practice of Romish clergy be more stark?

The fellow cleric to whom this epistle was directed, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin must either actually have a secret concurrence with Levada’s secret (well no longer a secret to any readers of this document) opinion that priestly child sexual abuse is increased by their being celibate homosexuals or be in astonishment at Levada’s suggestions:



    Uploaded by irishtribune on Mar 31, 2012
    A confidential letter reveals a secret plan of the Vatican for allowing homosexual relations between priests in order to prevent them from committing child abuse.

    Vatican will allow homosexual relations between priests

    Friday, March 30, 2012 – 09:10 AM

    A confidential letter reveals a secret plan of the Vatican for allowing homosexual relations between priests in order to prevent acts of pedophilia.

    Vatican City – There is a formal proposal to allow priests to have homosexual relations with each other as long as it serves to prevent any acts of pedophilia on children in their care.

    It is what emerges from a confidential letter sent on March 6th by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal William Joseph Levada, in response to a written proposal submitted on January 12nd , 2012 by the Advisory Committee of the Irish Catholic bishops by the Primate of Ireland, Cardinal Diardmuid Martin.

    According to rumors, the proposal, arose by some reflections of the Archdiocese of Boston Cardinal Seán O’Malley and Thomas Christopher Collins of the Archdiocese of Toronto during their recent pastoral visit to Ireland, would be abolishing the existing Catholic order sin of homosexuality only for priests who “are forced” to have a sexual relationship in order to shun the temptation to commit sexual abuse of minors in their care.

    From the reply of Cardinal Levada, it is clear that the proposal has already been screened and substantially accepted by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Church and the International Theological Commission, and it has even been brought to the attention of Benedict XVI which, as stated in the letter, would speak favorably.

    The process of this complex changes in canon law remains for the time covered by the secret for obvious reasons of confidentiality and would not be leaked to nothing if our journal had not received a copy of the letter of Cardinal Levada.

    Now it only remains to see if this difficult choice will be aware only of congregations involved in the problem without making it known to the faithful, or, far less likely to be made public through an apostolic letter, or even through a motu proprio of Pope.

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