Chechen Leader Blames Washington for Creating ‘Terrorist International’

Chechen Leader Blames Washington for Creating ‘Terrorist International’ © Sputnik/ Said Tcarnaev

12:06 07.12.2015(updated 12:12 07.12.2015) Get short URL

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has lashed out at the US and its European allies blaming them for the emergence of the “terrorist international.”

“The situation in the world is changing fast. The desire by the US and the West to divide the world into ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ and subordinate the latter to their imperialistic interests is now being challenged. The Americans’ and their allies’ ham-fisted actions gave rise to the ‘terrorist international’ which does not divide people by color, nationality or religion,” Kadyrov wrote on Instagram.

The Chechen leader urged “the leaders of Arab and Muslim countries, religious and public figures to forget mutual grievances, quarrels and time-serving ambitions and act as one.”

“Someone needs to be strong and wise enough to say ‘no’ to America and its allies,” Kadyrov wrote.

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