Co Ed Describes “Hook Up” Scene, Seeks Reassurance

Co Ed Describes “Hook Up” Scene, Seeks Reassurance

December 4, 2015

“For my peers, a fulfilling life is going out, partying, getting drunk, having sex with a stranger, and then doing it all over again as soon as possible.”

Communists (Cabalist Jews and Freemasons) take down a country by promoting decadence. Eli Klein’s account of the college scene suggests the US is finished.

by Eli Klein

In college, I’m surrounded by people who have been indoctrinated into the leftist, liberal, feminist worldview. The idea of staying a virgin until marriage and then committing to one person for life in order to raise a happy family is ridiculed whenever the chance arises. My peers see marriage and raising children as a prison, the end of their sexual freedom and fun.

To them, a fulfilling life is going out, partying, getting drunk, having sex with a stranger, and then doing it all over again as soon as possible. Just about everyone is into the hookup, one-night stand, free-sex culture that is so heavily promoted by feminism, sexual liberation, and the mainstream media pop “culture”. It’s normal for my peers to have many sex partners each month.

I am probably the only woman who has chosen to keep my virginity and wait for the right man to come along. I want a happy lifelong marriage with a man and raise a stable family. I’ve been told by my peers that it doesn’t matter if you have sex multiple times with different men before marriage.

They say old fashioned morality gets in the way of the sexual fun that people should have in their youth. They tell me that the idea of marrying one person and staying committed to them for life is a sham; promiscuous casual sex is much more fulfilling.

Feminists are telling women that virginity is a social construct created by the patriarchy to oppress women. The way to freedom is to have sex with many different men and disregard marriage commitment.

The women around me all seem to either have tattoos, weird butch haircuts, piercings, crazy dyed hair, or a combination of all of these things. They dress like sluts and have bad attitudes.

Everywhere I look, I see the same thing. My peers are fornicating like animals and have absolutely no shame in doing so. As a matter of fact, they’re proud of it and say that I’m the one who should be ashamed for holding on to such old fashioned beliefs like virginity, marriage, etc.


TV sitcoms and comedy shows portray heterosexual married life as though it were prison. Promiscuity is portrayed as fun, free, and adventure, living life to the fullest. Music and movies reinforce this worldview. Free sex is apparently the highest experience that humans can aspire to.

Children are the worst thing ever. It has become “cool” to hate kids. I believe this has something to do with the homosexual indoctrination that society has been put through.

Homosexuals dislike children because they see them as getting in the way of their sexual obsession. These sentiments have been adopted by many heterosexuals I know as I see them saying children are “parasites.”

People who get married are “breeders”. These are the same terms that homosexuals use to disparage heterosexuals, yet nowadays many straights use these terms zealously. They’re too stupid to see they are insulting themselves. It’s mind-blowing to see how much society has changed. Heterosexuals behave exactly as homosexuals.

I’m probably the only student who is saving sex for marriage and hoping for a lifetime exclusive bond with one man. Rather than going out and having sex and dressing like a whore, I’ve decided to improve myself and acquire the characteristics that would make for a great wife and mother.


But it’s very difficult to maintain my views while everyone around me is following the drumbeat of random hook ups and bragging about sex. I’ve been told by friends that I will regret my choice. I try to ignore them, but sometimes the things they say can get to me.

They make me feel like I’m missing out by saving sex for marriage, like they’re out there enjoying life to the fullest while I’m stuck in an old fashioned box.

There is no respect for traditional marriage values and sexual purity. A friend said she “couldn’t imagine being tied to one man for the rest of her life.” This has nothing to do with peer pressure or wanting to fit in and impress others. I don’t care about that. I just need the confirmation that I’m on the right path. I just need to know that it’s worth it and that I’ll be better off by doing this. I’m concerned about my future happiness with the man I decide to marry.

I know I’m coming across as insecure but the truth is that sometimes popular culture can make a person feel really insecure in their morals and what they believe is right. To be honest, young people are clueless. I’m young and inexperienced in life and just lost sometimes about who I am and what I should be doing. I could really use some assurance from someone who’s been there and knows better.



As you know, the world is run by a satanic cult, Cabalists (Communists) who have always wanted to enslave humanity by breaking down our identity and dehumanizing us. Promiscuity is very much part of this satanic agenda: Destroy marriage and family identity.

I’m glad you haven’t succumbed. Believe me, many if not most men prefer to marry virgins. Avoid the subject with your peers, and if they insist, say, “Are you so insecure that you must pressure other people into making your mistake?”

Whatever girls say, casual sex is toxic. Sex is an act of possession. To surrender and then get thrown away like garbage is soul destroying. No wonder they have low self esteem. There’s no pleasure or status in being used.

Physical intimacy without corresponding emotional intimacy is dehumanizing.

In their heart of hearts, women want the exclusive love and lifelong commitment of one man, their husband. Sex is a symbol of this bond. Who is most likely to find such a marriage? A slut or a woman who has consecrated herself for future husband and family?

I’m not saying you must actually “tie the knot.” But sex should take place in the context of courtship and love, with the prospect of marriage. Love not sex should be the reason for marriage.

Stick to your guns! You’re not missing anything but misery and std’s.


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First Comment from Barry:

Eli has provided a very clear exposition of the hook up culture that is now pervading western civilisation. She has also been honest enough to admit that the things her friends say can sometimes get to her. Working in pop bands for decades, I have observed the growth of this culture from the inside, ever since the 1960’s. My belief is that the social engineers are using our own sexuality against us. The promotion of recreational sex facilitates the depopulation agenda by destroying the emotional bonds that keep families together. It is human nature to want to belong and fit in, because not doing so can result in social isolation and adversely affect our career prospects.

Eli needs to stay strong and hold onto her convictions because she is right. She also needs to seek out like-minded people who will give moral support instead of mixing with the flotsam and jetsam floating downstream. I’m afraid that the mainstream media is almost exclusively under the control of evil people who have convinced the masses to reverse all of their previously held beliefs. What used to be bad is now sold as goodness, and what used to be good is mocked and derided. This message is being delivered through movies, magazines, books, and of course television: the greatest mind bending tool ever invented.

My own television is permanently switched off, except for the few occasions when I want to analyze the drivel being fed to the masses. The enlightened may smash their TV sets, but that does not cure the problem of mass indoctrination. If anyone has a solution to this problem, which I liken to a deadly virus spreading throughout civilization, I would love to hear it. Protecting ourselves is not enough. If the human race is to survive, greater numbers need understand that we really are under attack from an evil force. By the way, evil spelt backwards is “live.” Is that a coincidence?
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