Depopulation Malthusian David Attenborough tries to mix religion hating evolution with God

‘There could be a God,’ admits David Attenborough: Veteran broadcaster says belief in evolution is not incompatible with religion

By Ben Todd
Last updated at 10:27 PM on 29th January 2012

His award-winning programmes on the natural world follow evolutionary history and the teachings of Darwin.

Now, however, Sir David Attenborough has speculated that there may be a God – and insisted it would not be ‘inconsistent’ with the theory of evolution.

Speaking on Desert Island Discs, the 85-year-old naturalist told how recognising the possibility that God could exist meant he was an agnostic rather than an atheist.

Sir David was a guest on yesterday’s edition of the Radio 4 programme to mark its 70th anniversary. It was his fourth appearance on the show, having previously been a guest in 1957, 1979 and 1998.

He told presenter Kirsty Young: ‘I don’t think that an understanding and an acceptance of the 4billion-year-long history of life is in any way inconsistent with a belief of a supreme being. I am not so confident as to say that I am an atheist. I would prefer to say I am an agnostic.’

Three years ago, in an interview with the Daily Mail, Sir David appeared less convinced of the existence of God. Again describing himself as agnostic rather than atheist, he said he was a ‘little miffed’ he couldn’t come down more strongly on one side or the other.

He said he had no religious background in his own life, adding: ‘I almost wish I had one, so I could say I rejected my parents’ faith, but, as far as I know, they had no religious beliefs.’

The following year he told the Radio Times: ‘It never really occurred to me to believe in God.’

His brother, the celebrated actor and film director Lord Attenborough, shares his agnostic views.

However in 2008 Lord Attenborough said he almost wished he did believe in God, because it would have given him comfort – or at least someone to blame – after losing a daughter and granddaughter in the Asian tsunami.

Sir David, who himself endured loss when his wife Jane died in 1997, has said previously that a belief in God could make it easier to cope with bereavement. ‘I can see that if you believed you would see people in the afterlife, people who you love, it would be a great consolation,’ he said. ‘But again, I can’t see any evidence of that.’

He said that as people got older their human journey became less complex, adding: ‘When you are in your 20s and 30s, life is swashbuckling stuff. It’s all, “I’ll get there on a log. I can paddle, and when I get there, I’ll deal with it”. But I tell you, when you get to 82, your views are very different. You are less certain of everything.’

In his interview with Miss Young, Sir David also spoke of the controversy surrounding the use of polar bear footage shot in a zoo rather than the wild in the BBC’s Frozen Planet. He said documentary makers needed to present a full picture of the animal’s life cycle.

Up close: Sir David’s encounter with mountain gorillas in Rwanda was voted one of the best moments in television history

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  • David Attenborough is a Malthusian who spreads dangerous myths which aids the lies and enforcement of control over the uneducated populace. He’s a member of Population Matters a devious name change by the formerly known Optimum population Trust. These people are connected to the Company of Educators and the Club of Rome desiring an acceptable genocidal plan known as U.N Agenda 21 but hidden as Sustainable Development and ICLEI. David Attenborough pushes all the propaganda pushed by these wicked Malthusian eugenists who get proven wrong, time after time. The same as how they push Global warming when the planet is openly admitted by the mainstream finally that since 1997 the planet has been cooling. Yet these diversion agents for the Mercer Company simply carry on the lies of carbon dioxide so you’re brainwashed on the idea ready for the next economy to be revealed which is all based on carbon trading. In order words based on the destruction of Western civilization and the severe drop in the human populace to unsustainable levels.

    Attenborough aids the spread of evolution which is probably the single most useful tool ever in destroying religion and especially Christianity in the Western World as intended by the Aragon Templars who gave Erasmus and Charles Darwin the front position to mask the Aragon Templar puppet master actions as usual. What this also does is allow the easy death of humans which are then seen as animals and not man made in God’s image as in Genesis chapter nine verse six. In this verse you will also note that man has dominion over the animals. Since 1906 they’ve classed you as an animal thanks to Charles Darwin and his secret backers. How? Take a look at the 1906 Food & Drug Act. A man’s blood must never be spilt as you’re told in the Bible. So if you can somehow get the people to go along with your agenda and mindset, well now they volunteer to be animals and acceptance even without proper knowledge is still acceptance. You cannot have a God and evolution together, because God made everything in existence and this is the Bible. Of course these antichrists will claim against the Bible but who are they to claim against God? It is they who’re arrogant and wrong not the Bible which has existed for thousands of years not a few decades of the average mere man in comparison or the who devilish concept of evolution for over 100 years.

    -=The Unhived Mind

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