Doctor Busted For Using Radionics and bypassing poisonous vaccines

Doctor Busted For Making His Own Vaccines From Cat Saliva and Vodka

By George Dvorsky on 29 Sep 2016 at 5:30PM

Regulators in the state of Illinois have suspended a Chicago doctor who allegedly gave patients vaccinations containing cat saliva and vodka.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation took the action against Dr. Ming Te Lin after hearing complaints from healthcare providers that children were being administered unapproved oral versions of childhood shots developed by the doctor.

Investigators who visited Lin’s office discovered a cluttered, unsterile office, and a “box filled with vials and tubes that [Lin] was using to make his own vaccinations”. Lin admitted to the investigators that he’s been making his own “alternative” vaccinations for over a decade — a revelation that must come as a shock to some parents. Children as young as a seven-day-old infant received the unapproved oral vaccines.

To create his custom brew, Lin added alcohol in the form of vodka. And for children with allergies, he would add cat saliva gathered by a cotton swab. Lin administered the modified vaccinations orally or in nasal form.

He also used a device called the Wavefront 2000 to detoxify vaccinations from mercury. The contraption is based entirely on pseudoscientific principles. It’s described by the manufacturer as, “an electronic device that detects the unique, subtle electro-magnetic frequency information of any substance placed in its input well and imprints the signal into a carrier fluid placed in the output well. The signal can be inverted to form an anti-allergen remedy”.

State officials are accusing Lin of signing state forms certifying that he had given children conventional, state-approved immunisations, and of failing to inform his patients of the risks associated with not following vaccine guidelines. Needless to say, none of the methods adopted by Lin are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Line will attend a hearing before the Medical Disciplinary Board on October 11 in Chicago.

It’s not immediately clear if Lin was a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner or a homeopath (Lin is not returning anyone’s calls at the moment). As noted at Doubtful News, he graduated from the Medical College of Taiwan, and was certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. What’s more, he’s got some glowing reviews at, but clearly from patients who subscribe to the doctor’s homeopathic “natural” remedies.

For some of Lins’ patients, these recent allegations may come as a shock — but not necessarily because they felt he was doing anything wrong.

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  • uhm

    Dr. Ming Te Lin may well be one of the smartest healers around as he obviously has a lot of knowledge on both radionics and homoeopathy. If there are two words which put the fear of god into the Rockefeller family then it’s homoeopathy and radionics. Radionics can destroy many chemical (Monsanto/Bayer) and medical based industries whilst homoeopathy can destroy most of the medical system and like radionics it can combat biological and chemical weapons. Anything which is a counter (like Ozone therapy) to those weapons will end up being demonized by the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-complex.

    Did we see the hygiene of this man’s location? No! So why should we take the word of deceivers when they claim his area was non-sterile? Notice how they title the original article in order to turn the minds of the readers against the man without even reading the actual article let alone understanding what this man was doing. Most herbal tinctures are made utilizing alcoholic based substances in order to extract the herbal compounds. Some of these alcohols are high in strength such as 45% needed in order to extract all the compounds from Echinacea. Homoeopathic medicines when in fluid form will be compromised of the potentized energy signature, water and alcohol. None fluid homoeopathic remedies are all derived from an original Q potency mother tincture made with alcohol before the energy signatures are potentized. Now can you see how the wording of the article is misleading?

    This man has been utilizing radionics which isn’t pseudo-science, it’s real science which is banned from the public knowledge for reasons I stated earlier. Aristotle and then Bertrand Russell initiated the dumbing down of society and creation of false systems such as the science we have today and all in order to entrap the populace within a box within a box. Whilst you’re trapped in an illusion, the elite have the reality they control and can manipulate the box you’re held within as an unknowing prisoner.

    What this man is doing is utilizing homoeopathic nosodes where by you take a particular disease state or organ and then potentize it into a remedy where the energy signatures are taken in by the body and then you have a natural form of vaccination. I’ve covered this angle before when I’ve informed you about taking the nosode Influenzium to prevent the flu. You also don’t even have to take or touch these remedies as they work with the body even in their containers as they hit the bioenergy field of the patient as proven by Dr. Reinhold Voll and others since.

    Notice there has never been a negative or side-effect connected with this man’s work yet they’ve hounded him. Why? His treatment is a real healing method that is proven and a true threat to the Worshipful Company of Barbers and the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London (Big Pharma). The Rockefeller family and their minions hunt the Internet and chatter to see who’s doing good work so they can remove those healers who’ve become competition and a threat to this family’s monopoly and death-care (Club of Rome’s population reduction agenda). If you live near by to Dr. Ming Te Lin then visit him because I know you won’t regret it. Do not let big pharma shoot you with the real quack medicine they like to think is immunization.

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    `·-☆ The Unhived Mind

    Radionics Fact & Fiction by Dr Donald D. MayField

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