Eric Jon Phelps – Vatican Bank Of America

Eric Jon Phelps – Vatican Bank Of America

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  • theunhivedmind

    The Jesuits founded Bank of America using Temporal Coadjutor Amadeo Giannini. This Bank was joint owned by the Jesuits, Vatican and the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family is a loyal hofjuden family who serve the Papal Caesar and Jesuits. The Rothschild’s are known as the Guardians of the Vatican Treasury showing their extremely close relationship with the Vatican through the Jesuit Order. This alliance goes back to the 18th Century when the Pope suppressed the Jesuit Order from 1773. The Jesuits have manipulated the Turkish-Edomite fake-Jews since they created the false-messiah, Sabbatai Zevi and then Jacob Frank, the latter was an open Roman Catholic. These Rothschild’s are from the original Sabbatean Frankists but many today have even moved away from that religious mindset and have become dangerous nihilists instead.

    The Jesuits use the Order of Malta (along with Opus Dei and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem) to control the banking system through groups like The Worshipful Company of Mercers (based in ancient Londinium). The monetary system is based on Vatican Canon Law which is what the Admiralty Maritime Law is based upon since it was the Roman Empire who perfected this Law of the High Seas (origins of trading and business) going back to the Phoenicians. All ownership on Earth goes to the Papacy as early as 1302 onwards starting with Papal Bull Unam Sanctam. The Vatican is the wealthiest corporation on the face of the planet. Not only do the Vatican own all the true wealth they also control the wisdom, knowledge (Vatican Archives) and ancient treasures. The Order of Malta system is the continuum of the Knights Templar power since 1312 with Papal Bull Ad Providam. The Jesuit Order believe they are the true Knights Templar continuum since they were the only original Templars allowed by the Pope to survive in the Kingdom of Aragon. The Jesuits subordinated the Order of Malta in 1798! Today the Ancient Londinium (City of London) is the continuation of that ancient Aragon power within the new Holy Roman Empire which was cemented from 1814 onwards with the Congress of Vienna and 1822 with the Treaty of Verona.

    Ask yourself why Western Vatican churches funnel their funds through Bank of America and why it is the powerful Archbishop of Chicago Francis Eugene George who is the treasurer for the Vatican in the United States. The Japanese Yakuza now have controls over Bank of America and this goes back to the 1980s run since it became covertly insolvent. Chicago is the land of corruption tied to the Mafiosi and a home of the Chinese Te-Wu intelligence network once fronted by Francis K Fong for George H.W. Bush who is also a Knight of Malta and head of the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst Nazis in the Americas. What seemed like a loss to the Papacy was not since the Pope got out of the troubled bank as did Dame of Malta, Elizabeth Mary II just before the hassles. Many of the Pope’s banks went under the control of the Jesuits and Mary Elizabeth II’s Wall Street. Queen Elizabeth II is a Dame of Malta and a Princess of the New Holy Roman Empire. There is no real division just unity under the New Holy Roman Empire, the Pope being the front power over the Empire whilst the real power lies with the Jesuits at the Curia Generaliza and the Roman Curia. All recognized Knights of Malta serve the Order of Malta through the Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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