Glass-Steagall Immediately After Election Day: Obama Can Be Beaten

Glass-Steagall Immediately After Election Day: Obama Can Be Beaten

Nov 3 2016

LaRouchePAC has led the fight, from the very beginning, to kick Obama and his Legacy out of office. Photo: June 10, 2010 – Wisconsin –

As Lyndon LaRouche noted on Tuesday, an honest national vote will show that Americans reject Barack Obama and any continuation of his “legacy.” The hate that legacy of endless and costly wars, Wall Street impunity, economic stagnation and deindustrialization, indifference to rampant opioid and heroin addiction and despair. There is a sense in the American population, that with this election nightmare behind them, they can and must make big changes. LaRouche said today that though these changes may not be conclusive yet, much more is now possible.

Among millions of alert and intelligent citizens there is a groundswell for breaking up Wall Street’s casino, by re-enacting the Glass-Steagall Act of Franklin Roosevelt — for justice, and for the possibility of investing credit in the economy for a productive recovery.

This is shown in polls of Democratic voters; in Donald Trump’s promise in an Oct. 27 speech to restore Glass-Steagall; in the parties’ platforms; by candidates in Congressional races committing to restore Glass-Steagall and “Hamiltonian” credit for infrastructure.

Obama openly intends to use the “lame duck” period starting Nov. 9 to try to force through Congress his last insult — a Wall Street “trade agreement” rejected by American constituencies and candidates across the board. This is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, intended as his weapon to isolate and provoke China toward war.

But he can be beaten if Americans insist that the Congress pass Glass-Steagall immediately after the election instead. That will stop Obama from eliminating yet more productive American jobs; but it will do more. It will open the door to what EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche calls “four laws to save the United States” — beginning with Glass-Steagall and a national bank for productive projects of new infrastructure, on Alexander Hamilton’s principles.

Obama’s obedience to Wall Street and his constant wars and drone killings, his deadly dangerous provocations against Russia and China, are of one piece. Hillary Clinton continues them. Just as clearly, they are failed policies both economically and strategically — more and more Asian countries and some in Europe are realigning their economic plans to cooperation with China and Russia — as the United States should be! And just as clearly do the American people reject these policies. With Glass-Steagall, millions of Americans know the start of what they want instead, the trigger for returning to progress.

Let’s add to Obama’s legacy of failure, that he was the president who could not protect Wall Street from Glass-Steagall.

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