Govt. deliberately causing destitution

‘Govt. deliberately causing destitution’

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A new report says British government is deliberately harming vulnerable people with its benefit sanctions regime.

The report title “Time to Rethink Benefit Sanctions” by a coalition of leading church groups in the UK also noted that the government’s austerity policies are causing widespread dejection and hunger across the country.

In their report, the groups uncovered new information on the length and severity of sanctions under the British government’s welfare reforms. According to the report, particularly high-risk groups are children and those who suffer from mental health problems.

The report also found that approximately 100,000 youngsters were affected by benefits sanctions in 2013/14. The groups said the reforms are primarily aimed at slashing welfare payments rather than aiding the unemployed back into work. They also sheds light on how such sanctions impact society’s most vulnerable.

Over a million unemployed Britons suffered benefits sanctions in 2014 and the policy will be extended to low-earning working families, who rely on benefits under the coalition’s welfare reforms.

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