Greece cold shouldered over Turkish invasion fears. Europe should let Turkey invade Greece

Greece cold shouldered over Turkish invasion fears. Europe should let Turkey invade Greece and return all Muslims here as per the Dublin Agreement, corrupt country not worth sparking World War Three over. Tsipras has a point when he says opposition leader also corrupt. All corrupt together.

23 Oct 2016

The Greek government of Alexis Tsipras is becoming increasingly alarmed at the way Turkeys ships and planes are violating Greek territorial waters, reports Kathimerini, but their efforts to find support from European government do not seem to be going well.

What a shame!

Globalist President Barack Obama is set to arrive in Greece on November 14th to stir up the confrontation between Europe and the USA with Turkey and find ways of circumventing the closure of the Balkan route.

Who cares?

As I prepare to go to testify to the crooked, aggressive judges, who would like to see me dead, at Larisa court tomorrow about all their many, cruel crimes against me, such a setting me up for a deadly penalty under the fraud of giving me justice, (something that the Areios Pagos judges have organized in violation of the basic principle of an independent investigation), I can’t help thinking, what a relief it will be for Europe if Greece finally is forced out f the euro zone and of Schengen. And if Greece is conquered by Turkey, so what? The EU can redraw its borders further north.

No one who reads my blog can say I am biased against Greece. No, my encounter with the real living, corrupt Greek justice officials all the way to the Areios Pagos deputy prosecutor with whom I talked on Wednesday, but who did not seem to want to assume any of her professional responsibilities, has made me realize this country is not worth saving.

Tsipras has a point to make in saying the opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis is implicated in the Siemens scandal. But almost every Greek is corrupt. Tsipras is more than corrupt. He is a Globalist, a Soros puppet pushing the crony corporate government and tyrannical New World Order agenda, which will destroy Greece. And now he has a whole lackey government and corrupt, partisan justice officials behind him.

Read all the documents concerning my case. It’s staggering. Murder attempt, cover up, lethal penalty, more cover ups…

Let the Turks have Greece if they are so foolish as to invade and ingest the poison pill that is modern Greece.

There are even advantages to this scenario. Europe can just return the millions of Muslims that Greece sent north last year in violation of the Dublin Treaty more easily. This corrupt, little county is certainly not worth sparking world war three over.

“An official representing a major western European country said there was understanding for Greece’s predicament but that Turkey’s isolation on the international stage due to developments in the broader region should be borne in mind.”


“Another western European diplomat described Turkey’s behavior as “odd” but said the West does not have the luxury to let relations with Turkey go to seed, particularly because of the unforeseeable repercussions of the possible collapse of an agreement between the European Union and Turkey to curb migration.”

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