“Guccifer 2(tm) hack that is probably white hats somewhere is now available in full

“Guccifer 2(tm) hack that is probably white hats somewhere is now available in full

Jim Stone

THE BACK STORY: Yesterday the image of Guccifer (marketed as Guccifer 2) did the first part of a huge data dump on the Democrats, which proves they received kickbacks from the banker bailouts and live by “pay to play”. It was erroneously stated to be a Clinton foundation hack so the Clinton foundation took advantage of that and issued a “truthful” response saying it was fake. PROBLEM: it was not fake.

Though it is titled a “Clinton foundation hack”, the hack is broader than just a Clinton foundation hack. YES, tons of Clinton foundation documents are there, and tons of documents regarding other democrat crimes are there. I really don’t know how it was done, because the data rape was so complete. It had to be the NSA that did this, and the intelligence agencies are now in a tug of war beteen the dark side and the white hat side (my guess, and it is only a guess.) There are no “insider contacts” or “rumors circulating” with this one as far as this web site goes.

How do I know it is real, and how do I know there is a battle between good and evil in the intelligence agencies? SIMPLE:

1. It is extremely implausible that any individual could have nailed so much stuff. This is over a million documents in total, the type of data cache that you won’t just find on a single hacked machine. This is a full spectrum data rape of an entire criminal infrastructure, (and yes, it was a criminal infrastructure)


2.It is censored where possible. The huge black intelligence juggernaut was activated yesterday to blow it off the web. Now it is available at Atlantia online with a password of Caligula36 but if you are in the U.S. (and a few other locations) it is censored and will not come in. And it might already be censored at this location for everyone. This is going to be a big whack-a-mole game.

The open public password says it all

The manner in which it was posted (requiring an open public password) proves that it was getting censored when linked yesterday, and the only way to get it public was to put it in a web cache somewhere with a password that Google could not get beyond to notify the authorities it was available somewhere and had to be wiped out. THAT ALONE PROVES IT IS REAL, AND PROVES IT WAS CENSORED because to keep it available anywhere, it had to be hidden behind a password.


It is a primary function of Google to notify the authorities when something they are interested in gets posted. Google hits the entire (meaningful) web (including this web site) once every 8 minutes or so (and I hate that, because google does this web site no good at all, only damage.)

All they have to do is tell Google to look for a string of text that only appears in what they want banned and Google will automatically provide practically instant feedback telling them when something pops up somewhere. Norobots command does not work to stop it. SO GUCCIFER(tm) HAD TO PUT THE FILES BEHIND A PASSWORD, SO GOOGLE COULD NOT NOTIFY THE AUTHORITIES. That is why this time around the Guccifer files were password protected, with an open public password.

All of this means, beyond all doubt, that this data drop is the real deal. If it was fake, they’d shout it to the world and laugh at it. They would not instantly wipe it whenever it is posted, forcing “Guccifer” to keep it out of the watchful eye of Google.

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