Intel computers transmit data even when you don’t know it

Kurt wrote:

(this is a bit cryptic so I should sum it up in a sentence) – Kurt figured out how Intel based computers are now transmitting everything out, even if you do not have Internet. He blocked this communication path, and they cut his Internet off. HERE GOES:

Today you said “malware � did not come in through the mail.” That reminded me of my experience two years ago that I had written you about on the RB security forum. But since we’ve both had problems getting out the truth, in case mine didn’t reach you then, I’ll paraphrase and update it now. Originally, I put a 1.9 Ghz shunt from the heat sink of one of my computers to chassis ground (I had been talking with walking_turtle about this idea at the time) and less than a week later my internet with four computers (two dual boot) was throttled to zero (monitored with conky). I removed the shunt a week later, left the state, used two machines on another LAN, and returned home in a month to a working internet.

Looking at my machines carefully I found a folded unipole 4 x 16 mm (~60 mm OA) antenna in the motherboard printed circuit of one next to the CPU, and just oddly crooked traces (maybe fractal?) on the third. I’ve also noted that the cases each have a large rectangular hole (almost square, rounded corners) underneath the CPU (mw path out?). Years ago all I remember seeing were solid there.

Just for the halibut I did a ping to (a Google DNS server) and found the RT times were mostly, i.e. the statistical Mode, +/-2, of 54 ms, but occasionally up to 110 or 300. Don’t know what it was before. A traceroute to there showed 13 hops with the 9th to � NETBLK-COX… which explains a lot. Does anyone else see that in their traceroute (tracert in W)?

Methinks they compare what they see on the net from your MAC address to what they see in the machine and punish if they think you’re cheating them(!): If they can’t see in (to your motherboard), you can’t see out. Privacy is expensive.

In my syslog (LM17 and LMDE partitions in a homemade tower) I captured three occasions where the log restarted after midnight. I’m always asleep by 11. (Usually I keep my machines unpowered overnight, but I know I’ve slipped at least once.) I saw three other messages in the LMDE gz logs, but when I went back to document them their data types became “unknown” � so they became unopenable. These were all cases I found by searching for “”] start”. (Remote r/t interference?)

I truncated this here, MY RESPONSE:

I did not receive anything on this topic from you ever. I knew the board mounted antenna had to exist. Your description is exact, and I MEAN EXACTLY what it would have to be. This is good info which proves the message window is not censored right now.

Jim Stone

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