ITCCS Finally Dump Canadian Intelligence Asset infiltration

Historic Common Law Grand Jury to convene January 15, 2015

Posted on December 17, 2014

Breaking Historic Joint Communique from the Office of the Central ITCCS Directorate and the Republic of Kanata
The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
Avenue des Nerviens , Belgium 1040 Bruxelles
(see attached Notice to Alfred L. Webre)
December 17, 2014

Vancouver targeted for new criminal investigation:
Historic Common Law Grand Jury will investigate murders, child trafficking and “black ops” by Ndrangheta-Vatican, under Republic’s jurisdiction
Directorate reaffirms its support for Kevin Annett

Decades of unsolved murders, disappearances and systemic child trafficking will be the subject of the first Common Law Grand Jury ever convened in Canada, commencing January 15, 2015.

Established by the Republic of Kanata’s new constitutional jurisdiction which will be invoked on January 1, a High Court of Justice will launch the Grand Jury inquiry that will “definitely lead to indictments and convictions of some of the top child killers in Canada and the world”, according to a spokeswoman for the ITCCS Central Directorate.
Among the issues to be investigated by the Common Law Grand Jury are:

the Pacific Rim child trafficking and “snuff film” industry, and its ties to the Canadian, Thai and Chinese governments

Catholic and Ndrangheta Ninth Circle sacrificial practices among west coast indigenous people, and the unsolved disappearance of over two hundred aboriginal women in British Columbia

the regime of “institutionalized pedophilia” and child killing operating among church, police, business and judicial leaders in the so-called “Twelve Mile Club” and the Vancouver Club

the unsolved murder of six aboriginal ITCCS activists in Vancouver between 2009 and 2014

ongoing “black ops” attacks against ITCCS leaders including Kevin Annett by Ndrangheta-paid operatives in Vancouver
ITCCS Central Directorate officers, and observers from police agencies in the United States and Europe, will assist the Grand Jury, which will operate under the protection of sworn common law sheriffs authorized by the Republic of Kanata.

In conjunction with its inquiry, the ITCCS Central Diretorate will sponsor a media event and documentary film known as “Unrelenting: Twenty Years in Pursuit of the Assassins”, to commence on January 23, 2015: the 20th anniversary of the firing without cause of Rev. Kevin Annett by the United Church of Canada.

“This whole massive inquiry into genocide and child murder really began on that day, as it led to everything that we’ve achieved so far” commented Kevin Annett today from an undisclosed location.

“The world needs to be constantly reminded of what we’ve achieved and how the reign of terror against our children by church, state and the Mob has never stopped”.

In related news, the ITCCS Central Directorate in Brussels released the following addendum statement today,

“In light of recent assaults on the work and character of our North American Field Secretary Kevin Annett, the Directorate wishes to publicly reaffirm its unqualified support for and confidence in Rev. Annett. Such attacks on him by paid operatives and their dupes are a sign of the effectiveness of Kevin’s work and the sterling quality of his own integrity and courage.

“Our Directorate has made it a priority to investigate more deeply these attacks when its officers are in Vancouver in the new year, based on startling new evidence given to our office regarding the source of these attacks.”

Further information will be released shortly.

Issued 17 December, 2014
The ITCCSCentral Directorate
Belgium-1040 Bruxelles, Avenue des Nerviens



17 December, 2014
To: Alfred L. Webre
2938 West King Edward Avenue

Dear Mr. Webre,

Recent actions by you and your associates, as well as disturbing evidence brought to our attention, have caused the ITCCS Central Directorate to lose confidence in your motives and objectivity in relation to both the work of our Tribunal and its courts, and our North American Field Secretary Kevin Annett.

Accordingly, the Directorate advises you to have legal representation present when two of our officers will meet with you in Vancouver in mid January, as part of the Grand Jury being convened by us, which is described herein.
The new and upcoming public disclosures of our work that will be issued by our Directorate will occur at the public media conference on January 23, 2015 described herein. We decline any private media interviews with you or your associates.

Marie Bouchard on behalf of the Central Directorate
cc: legal and security divisions, media liaison

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  • theunhivedmind

    I never understood why Kevin Annett would use Alf Web if Kevin was a legit being doing real work as claimed. I totally believe Alf Web is an asset of the intelligence network within Canada. One of the intelligence tricks is to associate people of worth and intelligence with their proxy frauds so they can make that being of worth look silly by association. So in the case with Web he interviews all sorts of out and out idiots who think they talk with aliens and so forth which is nothing more than Operation Greenstar put into action. Now when Kevin Annett comes along with probably truthful informations this association will automatically stop some people from listening to him. It will help the paid cointelpro write bad things about Annett as they will mention the out and out idiots thus again gatekeepering the truth away from the real masses. I recall Webre was once trying to control a lot of the 9/11 truth movement. Annett should do his own broadcasts or find people of worth who are independent from intelligence agencies controlling the alternative media (brainwashing 2.0). Kevin Annett must not befriend any future interviewers and certainly should not give them any information they do not need to know like locations etc.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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