Malicious vandals brand Beyoncé’s newborn baby ‘Satan’ on church sign

Who could stoop so low? Malicious vandals brand Beyoncé’s newborn baby ‘Satan’ on church sign

By Anna Edwards
Last updated at 6:18 PM on 11th January 2012

While most were thrilled to hear that Beyonce had given birth to a baby girl, some spiteful vandals crept into a church and changed the sign.

Pronouncing the arrival of Blue Ivy Carter as a visit from the devil, the thoughtless person – or people – behind the act took the letters to write: ‘Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth.’

The shocked pastor at Beulah Hill Baptist Church in West End, North Carolina told TMZ he discovered the vandalism yesterday after receiving numerous complaints from locals – and removed it immediately.

Malicious: Vandals altered the sign to declare Beyonce’s new baby Blue Ivy Carter is the devil incarnate

The pastor insists the church had nothing to do with the sign but it was simply the victim in a random act.

What makes it particularly nasty was that the superstar suffered a devastating miscarriage before the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy.

Jay Z, 42, made the revelation in a new song Glory which he posted on his social website Life and Times today.

The tune is a tribute to the couple’s new baby, Blue Ivy Carter, who was born in New York late Saturday night.

In the song the rapper talks about where the child was conceived (in Paris) and even reveals that Beyonce, 30, lost a child one point.

‘Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you’d disappear/But nah baby you magic.’

The sound of crying Blue Ivy can be heard at the end of the song.

The A-list couple have reportedly infuriated other new parents by enforcing a lockdown at the hospital where they had their first child together.

The pop superstars reportedly spent a staggering $1.3 million for pricey renovations to an exclusive recovery area at one of Manhattan’s swankiest hospitals – including a bulletproof door to her room.

They also have their own private security force working an area alongside hospital security already at Lenox Hill Hospital.

But other parents have bitterly complained that the intense measures have not just given privacy to the superstars and their baby – but made other new parents miss out on precious moments with their own newborns.

The musical couple have already reportedly spent an astonishing £1million on their newborn daughter.

The superstars are said to have splashed out on items – to outfit THREE nurseries in their various homes – including a solid gold rocking horse and a diamante-encrusted high chair among a list of extravagant goods for their baby.

The R&B singer and her rapper beau spent £240,000 alone on the special bedrooms for the baby

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