Marco Rubio campaign tries desperately to quash gay stories


Rubio campaign tries desperately to quash gay stories

Source: Wayne Madsen Report

In the past few weeks, the Marco Rubio campaign, buoyed by its third-place finish in Iowa, has attempted to stymie major media interest in a story of Rubio’s own making. Esquire magazine was the first to take note of Rubio’s comments on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon concerning the senator’s participation in south Miami “foam parties” in the 1990s. After Rubio was spotted wearing a pair of high-heeled boots, Fallon jokingly wore a pair while interviewing the GOP presidential hopeful. The following was the dialogue between Fallon and Rubio:

Rubio: “The truth is, when I was in college I bought some boots like that, and remember the old foam parties? Remember that? You don’t remember that. I bought some of those, and when I left the foam party they were white. Because the foam washed the dye out of it.”

Fallon: “You used to go to those dance parties?”

Rubio: “I went one time.”

Fallon: “You can’t say that you go to them all the time if you went once.”

Before the interview ended, Rubio again mentioned foam parties. Rubio claims he met his wife at one such Miami foam party. Yet, as previously reported by WMR, photographs have emerged of a man, said to be Rubio, attending a foam party in which there is not one woman present. WMR’s sources in Miami confirm that in the 1990s, such foam parties in South Beach, Miami were almost exclusively held in gay entertainment venues such as the Warsaw Ballroom and Amnesia.

In 2006, nine years before former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was indicted for paying hush money to a male who claimed Hastert had sex with him, WMR reported that Hastert had engaged in sexual activities with male members of the Yorkville High School, Illinois wrestling team. Hastert was the school’s wrestling coach. At the time of our report, it was scoffed at for being an unfounded “conspiracy theory” and “smear” against Hastert. When the story about Hastert’s indictment broke last year, WMR was contacted by MSNBC and others asking for our original sources, a request we declined.

Now, with the Rubio stories gaining steam, the corporate media is, again, contacting us about our sources. There is a low-level murmur in the media about Rubio’s rather “gayish” past. Special interest surrounds Rubio’s performance as a Chippendale/Village People-like dancer; his association with a high school and college friend in Miami who later rented property to an online porn operator specializing in Latino and black gay sex (“CocoDorm”); the South Beach foam parties; the financial backing by Paul Singer, the vulture hedge fund tycoon who champions gay rights; and endorsements by key members of the gay Log Cabin Republicans.

The establishment gay media is definitely interested in the story, and they are reporting on our initial reports. While not committing to declaring that Rubio is gay or, at least, bisexual, the buzz is that, by every appearance, Rubio’s past is replete with gay lifestyle experiences.

After WMR’s reports on Rubio at the South Beach foam party in 1995, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had a rather strange comment about Rubio. Christie called Rubio the “boy in the bubble.” After WMR’s story about Rubio visiting London’s gay Soho district in 2013, Christie chimed in again by calling Rubio the “King of England.”

On February 4, Chris Matthews interviewed Manchester Union-Leader publisher Joe McQuaid, who has endorsed Christie, and asked him about the “bubble boy” comment. Matthews and McQuaid agreed that Rubio has been programmed like a robot to follow the neocon script. Earlier, Matthews said that Rubio was a “sock puppet” for Sheldon Adelson.

WMR will help these TV talking heads out by cutting to the chase. Sexually blackmailed “rising star” politicians like Rubio, Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, and, once, a young congressman from Illinois named Dennis Hastert, are groomed, financed, and propelled into high office by the moneyed elite in order to do their bidding after being elected. The likes of Adelson, Singer, and Miami billionaire Norman Braman have chosen a totally blackmailable Rubio to serve their interests – and in the case of the three aforementioned billionaires, the interests of Israel – as President of the United States. In Hillary Clinton’s case, an equally blackmailable politician will follow the orders of Goldman Sachs’s Lloyd Blankfein, Hollywood mogul Haim Saban, and hedge fund tycoon George Soros to carry out the very same neocon agenda.

Rubio campaign tries desperately to quash gay stories

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