Nagalase excess and autism

About the Nagalase excess and autism

5 May 2016
Jim Stone

The Nagalase story has been out there for quite a while now. Natural News just did a major piece on it. The Nagalase approach has a portion of truth to it, and though it is not everything with regard to autism, I see no reason why it would not be a part of it.

The main key to the autism issue however is the presence of human fetal tissue in the vaccines that causes an immune response to that tissue, which is a match for tissues in a child’s body. This kicks off an auto immune reaction against the child’s own body. There are some vaccines that are now causing horrible reactions which have no fetal tissue in them, and Nagalase is still a vaccine related topic.

Here is how it would work (and I cannot be more specific because I do not have enough time right now),

Nagalase can be emitted by cancer cells and cells infected by viruses, but I do not think that is what is going on with regard to Nagalase, unless, as I stated earlier, the vaccines are in fact loaded with “nanobot” viruses that are triggering huge internal infections If that be the case, then the vaccines are biological warfare vectors. But with the levels people are showing after being vaccinated, I think the high nagalase levels are most likely being caused by a vaccine induced incomplete biological process. If you make a vaccine that has an ingredient that is part of a complex process in the body, and trigger an immune response against that process, the end result will be excess materials in the body that should have been part of a process, but were blocked from being part of a process because what they were supposed to react with was removed by the immune system. The end result is the sudden appearance of high levels of materials that should have been used, but were not. And that can cause all kinds of problems.

I am going to take a closer look at nagalase, and see if it is being produced by massive viral infections, rather than reprogramming of the immune system. If it is, it could mean that they are using viruses to change the DNA of everyone who gets a vaccine that has been made to do so. This would mean every cell would have to get infected by a lytic virus that re-writes DNA (rather than a lysogenic virus that kills the host cell) (this is a topic covered by this web site many times before). The unbelievably high levels of nagalase in some of the autistic children certainly points to the possibility of a clandestine virus wre-writing a child’s entire biological existence. The levels that are being discussed are so high it would take a total body infection to get them that high. Any DNA re-writes would be passed on to subsequent generations.

I have no doubt that we live in an era where evil scientists are sitting at computer screens running software simulations of the immune system and viral infections, and formulating ways to screw people up. We are truly in World War 3 now, and that war is being fought via the media, online trolls, and tainted vaccines (as well as a long list of other things, including GMO’s.) They have taken the gloves off, and now absolutely anything is possible when it comes to a vaccine. AVOID ALL VACCINES AT ALL COSTS, like you would a bullet to the head.


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