No Escaping Islamic Extremism: Muslims Harass Christians in Refugee Camps

No Escaping Islamic Extremism: Muslims Harass Christians in Refugee Camps © AFP 2016/ ODD ANDERSEN

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It is not uncommon in Germany for Muslims migrants to gang up on Christians in refugee camps; the number of these attacks has increased in the country over the past six months, according to Protestant pastor Gottfried Martens.

Protestant pastor Gottfried Martens said in an interview with the website that the past six months have seen an increase in Muslim migrants’ attacks on Christians in refugee camps across Germany.

“The situation has deteriorated over the past six months and we have already heard of several cases of such attacks, which are mainly staged by radical Muslims,” Martens said.

He added that these incidents, as a rule, pertain to household-related issues.

“In some refugee centers, for example, Christian migrants are banned from going to the kitchen because they are seen by Muslim migrants as kafirs (infidels) who allegedly can desecrate cookware,” Martens said.

This is something that also explains Muslim families forbidding their children from play with Christian kids, according to Martens.

“The number of cases related to negative attitude toward Christian refugees has showed no sign of abating in recent weeks,” he said.

Marten expressed his concern that the issue is being hushed up by both European politicians and the media, which he said will not help “to drop huge problems.”

More than 1.1 million migrants and refugees arrived in Germany in 2015. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government came under pressure over its open-door policy after a series of attacks on women in Cologne, allegedly by men from refugee backgrounds.

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