Obama is Finished — All He Can Do is Start World War

Obama is Finished — All He Can Do is Start World War

Oct 23 2016

Guided-missile destroyer USS Momsen at a distance, South China Sea, July 2016. Photo: US NAVY

On Sunday, China echoed what Lyndon LaRouche has been saying for months — that Obama is so exposed and isolated internationally that he is finished politically, but even more dangerous as a result, since his only option (other than resigning) is to launch a war on Russia and China, a war that would certainly mean the nuclear extermination of much of the human race.

China Daily, a primary voice of the Chinese leadership, editorialized Sunday on the “freedom of navigation” provocation on Friday, in which Obama and Defense Secretary Ash Carter sent a guided-missile destroyer through Chinese waters, unannounced, near China’s Xisha (Paracel) islands in the South China Sea. The editorial notes that the Philippines, under their courageous new President Duterte, has rejected the Obama war policy in favor of cooperation in development with China. By deploying the destroyer, the editorial continues, breaching both Chinese and international law, Obama is

    “telling the world that it can tolerate neither a tranquil South China Sea, nor a peaceful and stable Asia-Pacific. Since it cannot find a puppet troublemaker any longer, the exasperated Washington has to create a disturbance by itself.”

While China focuses on the strategic failures of Obama’s war policy, the economic collapse created by Obama’s failed policy of propping up Wall Street, rather than building the real economy, is the second prong of Obama’s irreversible political doom, and that of his clone Hillary Clinton. The administration is frantically trying to put off the crash of the western financial system until after the election, by ignoring the demise of Deutsche Bank, the unraveling of the Italian banking system, the impact of the Brexit vote, and the “contagion” these and other crisis spots have on the Wall Street and London banks. More ominously, Obama is driving to start a a war before he leaves office, or even before election day Nov. 9 — over Syria, Ukraine, or perhaps Korea, any one of which would mean war with Russia and China.

The target is not the mythical “aggression” by Russia or China, but precisely the opposite — the development process already set in motion by China and Russia, which is directly bringing nations across the developing sector into cooperation in China’s win-win Silk Road development, and is even reaching into Europe, offering the European nations an alternative to NATO’s wars and the disintegration of their economies. To further that process, the Schiller Institute this past week held two conferences, one in Essen, Germany, and one in Lyon, France. The purpose of the two conferences, enunciated by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, is to bring Germany and France back to the De Gaulle-Adenauer tradition, through cooperation with Russia and China. Essen and Lyon are key European points on China’s Silk Road rail lines, now serving to expand East-West trade and cooperation. The conferences featured speakers from China, the Mideast, and across Europe, including representatives of institutions from industry, science and engineering, on the urgency of global cooperation to restore the European and world economy. Chinese songs and Schubert Lieder, both sung by a Chinese bel canto singer, and both accompanied by classical Chinese instruments, set the tone for the sharing of culture through the Silk Road process.

The same process is taking place in Manhattan, through Lyndon LaRouche’s Manhattan Project, bringing nations together to confront together the world-historic task facing the human race today — either cooperation to build the world and crush the terrorist scourge, or descent into global war under the would-be new imperial lords of the Earth. Obama and his British controllers are weak and exposed — it is time to push them out.

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