Palestinian TV Reporter: ‘Israeli Soldiers Poured Pepper Mixture on Us’

Palestinian TV Reporter: ‘Israeli Soldiers Poured Pepper Mixture on Us’ © AFP 2015/ HAZEM BADER

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Sputnik Arabic spoke to Sarah al-Adra, correspondent of television channel ‘Palestine’ who was bullied by the Israeli army while she was reporting on the condition of Palestinian civilians.

“The situation, in which I found myself, is very common among thousands of similar cases faced by the journalists. My case was an attempt to prevent me from reporting the story from the scene, al-Adra told Sputnik.”

She went on saying, “Before this incident we were arrested and even shot at. Once they poured a mixture of pepper on us and confiscated our cameras. It is dangerous to work as a journalist on the ground in Palestine. We are exposed to violence, arrests and torture by the army of invaders.”

Al-Adra speaking about the recent incident recalled that the soldiers began to speak loudly in the background during her reporting and with gestures they were trying to show on camera that she was lying.

“They provocatively shouted “Allah-u Akbar”, referring to the stereotype that we are all supposed terrorists and immediately pull out knives and cut people. Israel calls itself a democracy, but in fact it is far from it.”

She mentioned that in preparation of any report from an area where there is contact between the citizens of Palestinian and the forces of occupants, the journalist are exposed to direct fire.

“The soldiers are afraid of cameras, and they immediately break them, or arrest us. They naturally do not want their attacks on Palestinian civilians to be recorded on camera. Therefore, a journalist on the scene is really tested to confrontations: the journalist is trying to convey a picture of what is happening, and the army of invaders is trying to prevent the release of this report to the public.”

She went on to say that greater efforts are needed at the international level for the protection of journalists in Palestine.

“We must not forget the number of journalists who were killed in the Gaza Strip during reporting. All our journalists should be under international protection.”

“I would like to say that, despite all that we are exposed to, the truth about the events in Palestine will still be shown to the world! All these public “executions” in which Palestinians are killed every day at the border crossings, will be covered. The camera will always record these crimes,” al-Adra concluded.

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