Piers Morgan: Time for an ‘Amendment to the Bible’

Piers Morgan: Time for an ‘Amendment to the Bible’

Eliana Johnson
Dec 27, 2012

CNN’s Piers Morgan, who has come under fire for his vocal support of gun control and his strident opposition to gun enthusiasts, one of whom he denounced on his show as an “unbelievably stupid man,” has stepped in another hornet’s nest.

In an interview with evangelical pastor Rick Warren, Morgan asserted that the Bible, like the Constitution, is “basically inherently flawed” and that, with regard to gay rights in particular, “it’s time for an amendment to the Bible.” “I do not believe the Bible is flawed,” Warren responded. “What I believe is flawed is human opinion, because it constantly changes.”


  • Piers Morgan has been put into the U.S. media in order to bring about social engineering of the U.S. populace in accordance with the desires of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. Does Piers Morgan believe he has more wisdom and knowledge than the creators of the Bible and the old ancient texts it is derived from? Piers Morgan is fool who simply could not compare to the likes of William Tyndale.

    The Jesuit Order (counter-Reformation/Council of Trent) love to attack the Bible (Geneva and even the KJV) because from this book you have rights as a man or woman aka divine being. From this book you were given all the freedoms you once had and are losing now by the minute. The Bible counters the Catholic Church especially the Geneva Bible which was banned and ignored for four-hundred years. For instance under the U.N Agenda 21 programme you are no better than a rat or mouse. Now if you read Genesis you will see that you are a being created in the image of the creator and you have been given dominion over all the animals. What does that tell you?

    Is it any wonder they want the Bible out of peoples’ hands? Why let the dead corporations aka straw man fictions in admiralty know they are actually divine beings with inherited rights from God. How can they? The Vatican took all your rights away before you were even born using the Unam Sanctam Papal Bull in 1302 and Cestui Que Vie Acts ever since including the 1666 version. You are a slave to the Papacy through the Crown Bar. The Vatican is not Christian, its religious side is a veil for Babylon the Great and nothing more.

    Now talking of the Vatican, who does Piers Morgan work for? Cable News Network! Who owns CNN? Ted Turner who is a Knight of Malta subordinate to Cardinal Grandmaster Matthew Festing like all recognized Knight of Malta orders through The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem. Is it any wonder we hear Piers Morgan crying for bans on guns which the Pope detests you having for your own self-defence against his Temporal Power attacks on your freedoms given from the Reformation. Hows about Michael Bloomberg another gun grabber also being a Knight of Malta? What about Knight of Malta, Rupert Murdoch who controls most of the false Bibles in existence? Interesting that one do you not think? Jesuits spread false Bibles to lure the people away from the Textus Receptus and Ben Chayyim based texts such as the wonderful Geneva Bible 1560/99.

    Do not be deceived any longer, the Pope will not have his Temporal Power. We are transitioning into the Age of Ma’At where homosexuality is rife and promoted. This will lead nicely to the destruction of both class and gender by way of the third sex. This is nothing more than the planned uranian agenda which also aids population reduction figures for the Club of Rome organization.

    The homosexuality also helps condition the populace over time to having children from the state and others as homosexual couples cannot reproduce. All this is heading towards the perfection of man agenda of the Rosicrucians where by they will unite man and woman (genetic hybrid hermaphrodite from the lab under licence) along with Heaven and Earth, with the goal of stopping time and the seasons on the planet.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • this4that

    “All this is heading towards the perfection of man agenda of the Rosicrucians where by they will unite man and woman (genetic hybrid hermaphrodite from the lab under licence) along with Heaven and Earth, with the goal of stopping time and the seasons on the planet.”

    How are they going to do this? Particularly the last part.

    • I have explained the process a few times previously. With the perfection of man this is quite simply through genetics. The idea is to bring down the fertility of the natural divine being from God called the human. At the same time you want to destroy the genes of that divine being over time. The idea being so that you can then have an excuse for a need for mandatory DNA testing and a need for a license to breed. After a period of time people will be conditioned to having to take their so-called children from the State. To be honest in the future these hybrids will not even have parents as the State will be the parenthood similar to China now how it brings up the children according to their individual strengths. Families will not exist any more and will be disliked and seen as sick and ownership. Eventually all the kids (hybrids) will be born infertile in a state laboratory by genetic tinkering. This will aid the free love society of the future as well you see, where one engages with all and a relationship is hated and which is seen as ownership. Over time this new genetic hybrid will be all that is left on Earth and the natural human being from God will be destroyed by the Antichrist once and for all. Do you understand? Watch the predictive programming movie called ‘Gattaca’ for a small clue to the future. The reason they will create a hermaphrodite is because these have no one gender and all creatures have to urinate for instance. Also the hermaphrodite is seen by the followers of the Antichrist as a divine being. Notice in the film ‘The Passion of the Christ’ you have the devil being the hermaphrodite. Take a look at how Baphomet is part man and part woman. The Moon and Venusian Gods are all hermaphrodites as is the Statue of Liberty in the U.S. given by French Freemasonry to symbolize Venus (Lucifer the light bringer). The homosexuality agenda of the Age of Ma’At we are now entering aids the destruction of both gender and class. The race mixing and creation of mulatto destroys the race side of things prior to the one color genetically created hybrid of the future. Do you understand?

      I have no idea how they believe they can achieve their goals to create one season on Earth and to stop time but they clearly crave this as an end goal. I guess they will have to do much Geo-engineering to the planet including finding some way to move the planet from where we are today. Do not kid yourself that this is impossible. Nikola Tesla could split the World in two in the early 1900s if he had wanted to with his weapons wisdom now in the hands of 5th Degree Barbara Bush the head of the Pearce family tied to the wicked Roman Catholic Perci’s. I believe events like Deepwater Horizon created by Bombardier Master Trust are more than just insurance jobs and to aid evacuations of zones to be hit by the big event around 2050 which the U.S. Navy are preparing for. I believe these types of events may also be aiding towards the end goal of the destruction of time and seasons.

      I believe they will definitely need a second Sun as highlighted in the Knights Templar movie called ‘Star Wars’ created in the Templar HQ of Herefordshire. I believe they will attempt to detonate the planet Saturn using the Jesuit named Cassini probe when they are through with its missions. I believe NASA hoodwinked the many with Cassini by at first claiming its mission would be over by 2008. As far as I can see it will be probably 2020 onwards. This aided the discouragement of people keeping an eye on the subject after 2008. Why? Well they know most people just read titles rather than whole articles whilst also they have the memory retention of a gold fish and very little thought and common sense. Do a study on the Project Lucifer by NASA. I had an agent of the National Security Agency try his hardest to attack the information with pseudo mathematics. Only when he knew I would not fall for his trickery did I find out his game. They hope its all forgotten about and by 2020+ when the event happens no one will remember or care and thus fall for the then current propaganda and lies as usual. Do I have to remind you that the planet Saturn rules over your base sexual chakra so God knows what destroying it will do sexually in human beings. Is this why they are engineering attacks on the sexual organs and fertility etc and ready to create a new species to replace the human being? Think about it! May I also remind you that Saturn is connected with the worship of Satan (El) and if they detonate the planet then you will have the coming of the Beast in the sky, the fire from hell shall we say. Think about it for a minute. Imagine that as the ultimate Satanic ritual.

      Do not fall for those who try to discredit the information on the destruction of Saturn. William Cooper was one of the first to ever mention this and he was no mug, in fact he was an ex-agent of the Office of Naval Intelligence one of the most premier intelligence agencies on Earth with more know than you can ever imagine. Where is William Cooper now? Assassinated on the symbolic day of the Oak King! Ask yourself why!

      -= The Unhived Mind

      • this4that

        Wow thanks UHM. That’s more then I asked for and it’s incredibly useful information. I’ll be sure to save this post as well whenever I need to refresh my memory. One more question though… In the past you said orange was a hermaphrodite color. Can you explain that further please?

        • You have to split the orange word into two being the ‘or’ and the ‘ange’. The Or is tied to the solar orb and the yod/yoni along with Venus (Aphrodite) and the metal gold. The ange is tied to the planet Mercury (Hermes) and the golden ratio. Put Venus and Mercury together and you have the hermaphrodite. Color wise orange is a combination of Zeus (Yellow) and his father Kronos (Saturn). Reminds me of how they lay down the blue color symbolising Isis first then add the yellow color of Zeus on top as a sexual union. The result from this mixing is of course green the color of Venus for the U.S. Federal Reserve Note. The orange color affects the Swadisthana chakra as does the Moon (Selene) the mother of Venus (Aphrodite).

          -= The Unhived Mind

  • Eisenhorn

    Morgan is a pathetic tool and Rick Warren is part of the multi-faith agenda… But Bible is truth!

    AMAZING! God in Ancient China – Chinese characters and how they relate to the Book of Genesis


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