Recent mania regarding pandemics justified but misdirected

Recent mania regarding pandemics justified but misdirected

Jim Stone, May 5 2014

This article has been expanded to cover anti fertility vaccines, and how anti fertility vaccination campaigns in the third world PROVE we can’t trust what is in the shots

I don’t have any “inside sources” saying a plague is going to happen but . . . . .

I do have common sense. Here is what I think will really happen: There will be a fake sandy hook style media event, pushing fear of a plague. The plague will not be real. The real plague will be delivered via shots that were advertised as being protection from the plague the shots were supposed to “prevent”. There is an enormous amount of evidence out there to support this. I am not going to rewrite it all, just read the nanobot bacteriophage report, it is verifiably accurate when the correct people in the area of genetic engineering and pharmacology are consulted, and forms the basis of Israel’s “ethno bomb”.

A good doctorate of pharmacology friend ranted on the phone for hours (a year before the Fukushima report) about how bacteriophages were being reprogrammed to attack people and how horrible the outcome would be. She told me to ignore everything and focus on this topic. I did not “get it” at the time, and ignored it for the most part. I now get it . . . .

Bacteriophages are viruses that attack bacteria. Bacteriophages are so selective they do not cross species barriers, and will differentiate between bacteria to such an extent that they will only attack a sub group of a sub group of a sub group, in otherwords, “salmonella” is not just salmonella, you have White salmonella, Arab salmonella, Chinese salmonella, etc and even though all those have the same outcome as far as we can see, they look different enough to a bacteriophage for a bacteriophage to only kill ONE TYPE. This selectivity makes the bacteriophage ideal (if reprogrammed) for killing only for example, Arabs with brown eyes and lighter than average skin for Arabs. This selectivity can also be used to modify people’s brains via “vaccination” because there is enough differentiation between neurons for a bacteriophage to only go in and wipe out the emotion “love” or “anger” and permanently modify people to exhibit the traits a ruling class wants them to have. Bacteriophages have been re-programmed by Israel for the purpose of biowarfare.

Now onto why the plague will be administered via “vaccinations”

The elite are cowards. They are superior as we all know, and more valuable than the rest of us. So they ARE NOT going to risk getting anything they release themselves even if they think they have a cure. Furthermore, they want a predictable kill rate which you will not get from anything you turn loose, there can be mutations that change the outcome and their own ability to stay safe. They will instead opt to scare everyone into getting shots, and possibly mandate these shots. Only through injection can there be a guarantee that a mutated strain will not develop, and that the disease will not as a result become communicable. Let me explain this a little –

There are many factors in disease transmission. The main factors are virulence and communicability. A very virulent pathogen with a very high communicability will spread rapidly and kill many people. But if that same super virulent pathogen is designed in a way that causes it to have very low or no communicability, it will kill whoever gets it but won’t spread to others. And communicability is the second reason why bacteriophages were chosen for the ethno/ population reduction bomb – bacteriophages do not have any communicability AT ALL with people and will stay within the shots.

The bottom line? There are people who have become so evil that we have effectively lost the technology of vaccination. Nowadays you can’t tell if a tetanus shot comes complete with phages that will go into your brain and destroy your free will or do something else. The phages are a step beyond the previous “anti fertility vaccines” which were given to completely unaware women by Unicef and the WHO and are now old history that proves the “elite” do not deliver as advertised. (scroll down, the damning stuff is near the bottom). And it is perfectly clear nowadays, with the rampant autism appearing only after children get “vaccinated”, along with the elite being able to predict future levels of autism, that the shots are causing it all, you can’t apply math and play god with that one, the destruction of our children is calculated with a solid variable “they” can rely on – the test results from the next to be released formulation.

The fact that vaccines have been weaponized cannot be refuted, this was proven long ago with the anti-fertility vaccines, which additionally proved that the elite will not be honest about their actions regarding what is in the shots. If there is an “outbreak”, run from the vaccine police as fast as you can, it may well be your best shot at survival.


  • theunhivedmind

    I keep referencing this MERS-Cov as a possible pandemic and now we have the SARS vials going missing from France. SARS was a test-run to study peoples reactions in Asia and how effective tests were and if any counter-measures could be spotted. There may be further tests like this MERS we see today which has so far spread from Saudi Arabia into Europe and now the United States. I have a feeling these are both race-specific biological weapons one targeting orientals and the other against Arabs. Eventually they will bring on another version probably calls WARS (Western Acute Respiratory Syndrome) for the white race. What will be interesting is if the any Jews take a hit and if so which Jews as this will give you a clue. In order for the WHO to claim there is a pandemic this means that an outbreak in this case a coronavirus would have to be in a certain percentage of global nations at the same time like what happened with H1N1. A pandemic does not mean that everyone under the Sun has come down with the illness.

    -= The Unhived Mind

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