Rubio’s presence in US Senate is embarrassment: Journalist

Rubio’s presence in US Senate is embarrassment: Journalist

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Rubio is a sellout whose presence in the Senate is an embarrassment, an activist says.

Cuban American politician Marco Rubio is a sellout whose presence in the US Senate is an embarrassment, an anti-war activist and radio host in New York says.

Don DeBar made the remarks in an interview with Press TV while commenting on Rubio’s recent statement about the talks underway between the P5+1 group and Iran over its nuclear energy program.

A group of 47 Republican senators ignored protocol and sent an open letter to Iran’s leaders on March 9, warning that whatever agreement reached with President Barack Obama would be a “mere executive agreement” and that Congress could ultimately walk away from any deal with Tehran upon review.

Rubio also signed the GOP letter meant to sabotage Obama’s efforts to reach a nuclear accord with Tehran.

Iran and the P5+1 countries – the US, Britain, France, China, Russia, and Germany – are holding negotiations to work out a final deal aimed at ending the longstanding standoff over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, which have entered a sensitive final stage.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Rubio said on Tuesday that he would “absolutely” defy European allies if necessary to revoke any Iran nuclear agreement reached during the Obama administration if he was elected as the US president in 2016.

“Marco Rubio’s comments normally do not matter a bit to me, because he is an ideologue who is ahistorical, and a politician who is the [ultimate] opportunist,” DeBar said.

“It’s scary to me, even an embarrassment as someone who lives in the United States – who was born in the United States – that he is in the government at all, let alone in the US Senate which is frightening,” he added.

“But he grew up in the cradle of anti-Castro rightwing maniacs – murderers really, in Miami, Florida – of Cuban descent. And he has betrayed most of the political sponsors he’s had coming up. So whatever he says I see through that perspective,” DeBar revealed.

“That said, the idea that as a presidential candidate he feels emboldened to interfere with the negotiations between the president of the United States and Iran – as a candidate – shows how far we have descended since the days of Nixon, who had backchannel conversations with the North Vietnamese when the Paris peace talks were going on, trying to undercut Hubert Humphrey’s ability to strike a deal with the Vietnamese prior to the 1968 election, and likewise what was done by then candidate Ronald Reagan prior to the 1980 presidential election,” he noted.

“These things were hidden for a very long time where the meddling took place as a part of the political campaign because they were frowned on in the political culture here and they were recognized actually as being illegal,” the veteran journalist pointed out.

“Now actually you have a television fest basically with where the Republicans are lined up to do this – and some Democrats too – to undercut the negotiations between President Obama and the Iranian government over the fake issue in the first place of Iran seeking a nuclear weapon,” he stated.

“It’s embarrassing on so many levels that I have a hard time really formulating an opinion about the merits of it, because the fact of it is so repugnant,” DeBar concluded.

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