Russian Baby Products Boom in New Silk Road Chinese-Russian Innovation Center

Russian Baby Products Boom in New Silk Road Chinese-Russian Innovation Center

ASIA & PACIFIC 10:20 15.10.2016

A Chinese firm, InBaby, hopes to introduce parents to environmentally friendly Russian baby products at the newly-opened “Silk Road” Chinese-Russian Innovation Center in eastern China, the company’s director told Sputnik China.

Chinese consumers seeking healthy baby food are keen to try Russian products, Lan Yibo, director of baby product importer InBaby, told Sputnik China on Thursday.

InBaby has established a base at the recently-opened “Silk Road” Chinese-Russian Innovation Center, in Xixiang county, Shaanxi province.

Lan Yibo told a Sputnik China correspondent that his company currently imports products from European countries, Australia, the US, Japan and other East Asian countries. He hopes that InBaby will soon be able to add Russian products to its range.

“You probably know that food products for children here do not always completely meet the necessary requirements because of poor environmental standards. Chinese mothers are very concerned about the quality of products like powdered milk and baby formula. We aren’t importing such products from Russia yet, but we know that Russian food is of very high quality. It’s tasty and environmentally clean. I’m sure that there will be a lot of demand for these products in China, as soon as they appear on the shelves,” he said.

InBaby intends to sell Russian baby products through the internet stores, tianbao and taobao. Lan Yibo hopes to make use of its presence at the “Silk Road” center to develop the company’s business links in Russia.

“Our company is registered at the Silk Road Chinese-Russian Innovation Center, which we will definitely use to our advantage in finding new suppliers. We also intend to use the technological center as a logistical platform for the delivery and sale of Russian goods. At the moment in China there are not that many Russian goods, and this shortage is particularly acute regarding food for children. Our company’s motto is ‘to raise a healthy generation.’ I’m sure that Russian food products for children will help us a lot in this regard,” Lan Yibo said.

Now that its first phase of construction is complete, the “Silk Road” Center is home to about 30 companies including telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE and one of China’s largest online retailers, 

On Friday a representative of the Silk Road Center told RIA Novosti that talks are ongoing with Russian companies seeking a presence in the center. The second phase of its construction is set to start at the end of this year, and about 100 Chinese and Russian companies will be based in the innovation center when it is complete.

The regional government of Shaanxi province signed an agreement for the construction of the center with Russia’s Skolkovo Innovation Center, Direct Investment Fund and the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund in October 2014. 

The agreement also includes the development of a similar Chinese-Russian center in Moscow, the construction of which is slated for completion next year.

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