Supporters of euthanasia and abortion use the Nazi arguments

Supporters of euthanasia and abortion ‘use the same arguments as the Nazi’s did to promote genocide’, says Vatican newspaper

Article argues Nazi values can be seen in the ‘writings of many contemporary bioethicists, and of many politicians’

Accusations have angered pro-choice supporters

PUBLISHED: 17:17, 5 May 2012 | UPDATED: 17:40, 5 May 2012

The Vatican’s semi-official newspaper has angered supporters of euthanasia and abortions by suggesting they apply the same justifications that were used by the Nazis to champion their murderous eugenics programme.

The controversial claim that they believe in the survival of the fittest concept, was made in an article on the front page of today’s issue of L’Osservatore RomanO.

It was published in response to the recent Italian translation of a 1920 book titled Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living, by two German scholars, Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche.

It is written by Lucetta Scaraffia, an Italian historian who frequently has work published in the Vatican paper, reports the Huffington Post.

‘Contempt for imperfect human life, over estimation of the abilities of science’ are ‘still firmly present in our time,’ she states.

The book she is discussing set the agenda for the Nazi programme of extermination – they believed that select people did not have the right to survive, such as disabled or terminally ill patients.

It promotes the idea that people who are seriously or terminally ill or have a mental or physical disability were ‘unworthy of being lived,’ and should be given a ‘charitable death.’

In the article Scaraffia argues that this viewpoint on whether a life should be ended is present in the ‘writings of many contemporary bioethicists, and of many politicians who support legislative proposals of a euthanastic type.’

The historian asserts that the book is ‘sinisterly’ relevant to current debates.

She writes that it should ‘strongly embarrass those who champion euthanasia in the belief that it has nothing to do with Nazism,’ reports the Huffington Post.

Another bold claim is that ‘eugenics is still alive and has not been wiped out together with the Nazi past.’

Her claims are controversial as many pro-choice campaigners who support assisted suicide and abortions have objected to Scaraffia comparing them to a regime which was responsible for the death of millions of people during World War Two.


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