Teens: Gay/Bi/Gender fluid/Trans Gender….real or just a fad?

Teens: Gay/Bi/Gender fluid/Trans Gender….real or just a fad?

MAR 14
Posted by steelworkerswife

OK, let me start this blog off with saying this: I have NOTHING against the LGBT community. I am a very big supporter of Gay Rights, which I feel are just Human Rights being twisted by those who think they can “eliminate” the Gay population.

Now, here is what I have been wondering and hoping someone can shed some light on it for me, maybe someone is going through something similar and boy! I sure can use some support here folks.

When the Teen (girl, 15) started the 6th grade she found out that one of her guy friends was gay. No real shocker there, we roll with that kind of stuff in our house. Anyway, between the 6th and 8th grade it seems like there was a boom in kids coming out as gay, bi-sexual, Gender Fluid or Trans Gender and it got me to thinking/wondering if this was a new “trend” or was there something to this.? I know that kids are being raised in a more tolerant/accepting way than they were in my day and I am all for that, but what made this boom happen?

We are a very open family, we talk about EVERYTHING…I mean, NO topic is off limits with us or our kids. We encourage them to ask questions and seek out answers as we want them well informed with the truth and not propaganda. Make sense? I sure hope so…Anyway, when the Teen entered high school (grade 9 here) she went to her dad and had a conversation that had her telling him about her girlfriend, “Amy” (no real names) and how they were dating. (I heard all this go down from my bedroom) Mr. Steel took it in stride, since we had already met Amy and had her over a few times in our home and I had already met her parents, there was not too much to ask about…except, when did she start liking girls in that way?. Of course, Mr. Steel didn’t ask THAT question, he left that one to me. lol So, the next morning, on the drive to school, I asked her if she was a lesbian. She didn’t miss a beat, she told me No, because she still found men attractive in a “sexual” way. (she did the air quotes. lol) She felt she was more bi-sexual, at that time.

So, here we are a little over a year later and she has decided that she has days where she is more male in her feelings than a woman and days where she finds herself more in a “female state of mind”. (again, her quote) She still likes to dress “girly”, but also has times where she prefers a more masculine tone to her wardrobe; which is why she recently bought herself a bra/binder to wear on her “boy days”. (A binder is like a sports bra, it holds the breasts in to the point of you can’t tell she has breasts. I know some athletes wear these too.) And, on these more “male” days she prefers to go by the name James. *this is the name she would have been given had she been born a boy*

I am not sure what I think right now. Part of me thinks that maybe she is just trying to find herself, find where she feels more comfortable with herself. Then, there is another part of me that wonders, just a bit, if this came about because so many of her friends (and other people in her age range) are coming out and she is just curious.? She met a young man, “Eve”, who prefers to be a female. She dresses as a female, even at school, the school is starting to recognize her as a girl now too. (Her parents, well, that is a whole other story.) I don’t want to stifle the Teen in any way, but I want her to make any and all decisions for the right reasons, not because it is the “trendy” thing to do. Am I making ANY sense here, at all?

I am so confused myself. She is not shy about it, she is even opening up more when around my parents and other family members, so we just follow her lead. She doesn’t announce it to everyone, so we don’t either. We feel that this is the best way to go about this, for now at least.

Honestly, we had thought for many years that it would be the man child to come out as gay. We had prepared ourselves for that day, but he surprised us and is totally a woman only kinda man. (his words on that subject)

I have talked to my “gusbands” (my gay husbands) about this and they encourage us to do just what we are doing and even they are starting to hear about and see more kids her age coming out more and more, and are wondering the same things I am. We don’t want to question her too much on this topic, we don’t ever want her to think we are judging her or not supportive of her, we will always support her in her life choices because that is what parents do.

I have just had this rattling around in my brain for a while now and I am not even sure if this blog came out right…but it sure feels good to “talk” to y’all about it and I would love feedback. (If you are going to spew negativity, don’t waste your time…honest opinions, I can deal with…not bashing.)

Thank you for reading and just being here as we walk this path with her and try to help her as much as we possibly can with whatever comes her way.

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