UHM – Intelligence Report #1 WORLD WAR III IS ON THE WAY

UHM – Intelligence Report #1

By: The Unhived Mind
21 Dec 2012

Erard Mangoux and his Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure along with French President, Francois Hollande may be about to pull a Knight of Malta, Tony Blair special with a weapons of mass destruction lie just like in 2003. The last time this occurred with Tony Blair & George W. Bush (Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst) it was based on purposely false information fed by the British Secret Intelligence Service front company called Hill & Knowlton then based in Niger with the Yellowcake dossier.

Shortly in the media you may be again subjected to a propaganda bombardment along the same lines as in 2003. Instead of Iraq, this time it will be Iran and not Syria as some might have thought. The DGSE have started to claim that Iran has hold of four nuclear devices. What did Tony Blair say about Saddam Hussein? He told us all that Saddam could hit the western hemisphere with weapons of mass destruction missiles within just forty-five minutes. This was of course a complete and utter pathetic lie just to keep the petrodollar afloat as well as for the theft of the regions energy reserves and a strategic base for the U.S. and NATO terrorists in the region ready for the New Middle East plan of Bernard Lewis.

I should remind you that the Central Intelligence Agency and the British SIS tried desperately to put weapons of mass destruction into Iraq in order to back up their false campaign. An operation commanded by the American-Turkish Council failed in placing WMD in the region and resulted in a shoot-out killing agents on both the good and bad sides of the coin. The American-Turkish Council is of course run by an ex-death squad CIA murderer by the name of Richard Armitage. You will notice how terrorist Turkey is hindering peace in the Middle East recently and especially with the NATO Patriot missile batteries being placed on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a terrorist under the thumb of the even worse World government driven North Atlantic Treaty Organization (one of the real terrorists of the 9/11 electronic attacks). Erdogan along with most of the Middle Eastern leaders (except Iran) serve Jesuit trained Knight of Malta, King Juan Carlos of Spain, the Protector of the Holy Sites of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Nothing happens in the region without the say so and orders from the House of Bourbon, the commanders of The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries over Dope Inc and the drugs trade. Expect Turkey to be involved in any deceptions that may now come in the region.

Take note of the above fake Cable News Network broadcast from the time of Operation Desert Storm. Need I remind you that CNN is owned by Knight of Malta, Ted Turner and run for the Central Intelligence Agency. Fox News is run for the British Secret Intelligence Service by Knight of Malta, Rupert Murdoch. Are you connecting the dots already?

So you thought the ancient Crusade was over? Wrong! The Crusade has continued to this very day and will for a few more decades yet. The same ancient orders are still commanding the assault on the Muslim World today as they were in ancient times. Leading the pack is of course the Order of Malta which controls all other recognized Knights of Malta orders through The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem based in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is commanded by Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV the head of the House of Savoy and a strong Papist loyal to the Holy See and the Pope just like Juan Carlos and the House of Bourbon. Even Seymour Hersh has finally come to see who is really leading the pack over the military intelligence network.

The Papacy is conducting its power over the region through the veil of inter-religious dialogue and its Ecumenical movement and World Council of Churches system. Families such as the Pallavicini are embedded in the Islamic World in order to guide them under Rome. For instance Felice Pallavicini is a member of the Order of Malta and is pictured with his Maltese cape. How fitting for a Muslim to be part of the Crusaders themselves and using the name of Abdul Wahid. Take a look at the membership list of the World Council of Islamic Call and you will find him there. The Order of Malta back in 1988 was briefly commanded by, Lieutenant Giancarlo Pallavicini.

Felice Pallavicini at a meeting with the Samhedrin and Romans

I believe the House of Bourbon will be very upset with the delays in the planned attacks on the Middle East. Senior Executive Service proxy, Hillary Clinton has failed in her job has have many others like John McCain, Madeline Albright and Mikhail Gorbachev. All of these will be punished unless they step up to the plate and complete the desires of the Bourbons and quickly.

What we are witnessing right now in the Middle East is the complete humiliation of the West by both Al-Assad of Syria and Vladimir Putin of Russia. An attempted assassination of Putin took place late in August and he was rushed to Smolensk Regional Hospital. Unfortunately for British Intelligence, Vladimir Putin is now safe and well and has recently visited Turkey showing the World he is back. This would have been the third known assassination attempt on President Putin in recent years. The first time was planned from a secret British SIS headquarters in the United States based at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington D.C.

The West is now a desperate rat who is cornered and now we are in a very dangerous situation indeed. Will the original plans of separate invasions one at a time continue or are The Worshipful Company of Horners about to kick off a major Middle Eastern conflict involving multiple nations? If so then we will be looking down the pike at World War III. The majority of which will be fought in the Middle East including at least two nuclear strikes involving both the West and a Russian-Sino operation. To me this is the only way out for the West. Syria and Iran have a military defense pact to protect one another. We may just see shortly a heated propaganda campaign for about three months at most before an attack on Iran. The recent removal of Iranian media such as PressTV from the airwaves in both Europe (Eutelsat) and the Americas (HispanTV) should give you a clue that an attack is very close. Iranian media cannot broadcast in a war time enemies nation which is relying on its own propaganda war on Iran in order to justify its unlawful attack and theft on the Middle Eastern nation.

This war will lead very quickly into a oil crisis the likes of which will have never been seen before. The Strait of Hormuz will be cut off immediately and very little oil will reach the West from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries system which Knight of Malta, Heinz Kissinger (Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst) set-up (and also nearly lost recently to Gaddafi with his Golden Oil Plan resulting in The Worshipful Company of Mercers & Horners punishing Libya and brutally assassinating Gaddafi as a warning to others thinking of economic warfare). The light sweet crude oil stolen from Libya will act as a small buffer for oil but it cannot cope with the severe losses to come.

Have you asked yourself why in the amount of gasoline stations in the Britain have dropped from thirty-seven and a half thousand in the seventies to now just nine-thousand by 2011? The price of a barrel of oil will immediately hit $250 and may end up eventually at around $600 if the big events prolong themselves. The people of the World will be conditioned to this oil scarcity and high prices so much that when it is all over the Order of Malta will drop the price of oil to around $185-200 as standard. Compared to what it was during the events this will seem reasonable. No different to how people are conditioned to high gasoline prices now and then a small drop seems good and normal, all whilst they forget it was once half the price. Coal will become a vital energy source during times of oil problems. This is why the Vatican’s Le Cercle member, Margaret Thatcher screwed the coal miners in the U.K. The U.K. sits on a very large amount of coal which will come into play when the time is correct, no different to the secret massive oil wells in the U.S. and oil reserves of the Falkland Islands. The U.S. wells will be ready to come online from 2017 onwards. Margaret Thatcher was controlled by the Roman Catholic, Powell family who are very loyal to the Papacy and also powerful members of The Worshipful Company of Mercers.

The price of oil, crises and shortages of numerous economic needs will quickly bring about an economic collapse of the World’s financial system which is already insolvent and has been since September 2008. This collapse will then be veiled as being caused by the Muslim World and not by the previous planned collapse by the likes of the Order of Malta, Club of Isles, TheCityUK and the Mercers (their power over the Middle Eastern finance is through the Middle East Association headed by Matthew Smith). This will greatly aid the Strategy of Tension and the Clash of the Civilizations agendas. If a draft and conscription is bought about then masses of Western unemployed adults will sign-up immediately as they falsely believe the Muslim World has caused their technetronic lifestyles to be destroyed.

Right-wing fascism will take over very quickly as we are slowly witnessing right now. All as the Western World is turned into a post-democratic military Marxist dictatorship run by military dictatorships. Worldwide western military intelligence networks are now trying to foment racism and racial hatred amongst populations. They are stirring the pot in order to aid the massive internal problems to come in each of the nations. The London riots were a prime example of the attempts to start the conditioning ready for race riots and war to come out of ordo-ab-chao. Military intelligence patsies are all ready and waiting to be blamed for false-flag man-in-the-middle terrorist events to aid the scaremongering and agenda of the so-called War on Terror. Expect numerous terrorist campaigns on the mainland resulting in a further police state lock down and checkpoints almost everywhere you look and visit.

All eyes on the region of the Middle East now as we may soon be witnessing the final seventh war of the red Freemasonry. A war which will be used to aid the Club of Rome’s population reduction agenda. An agenda where sixty-percent of the Global populace will be destroyed by 2050 (one in two males to get cancer by 2027) and then a further 35% of the survivors will be destroyed by 2100. All these events are planned decades before and up to one-hundred and twenty years prior even. The scions of the planners execute the wishes of the ancestors within the new unHoly Roman Empire which was more out in the open after the 1814 Congress of Vienna and the 1822 Secret Treaty of Verona.


  • ACE1947

    I noticed that there is strong use of Vladimir Putin body doubles.
    Some are very convincing but a lot of the Putin doubles are very noticeable as being doubles.

    • Many leaders have body doubles especially those who are worried about the Vatican and the City of London Corporation wanting them assassinated. Saddam Hussein had multiple doubles and if you recall we were told Saddam had been killed in 2003 and then we had the 2006 hanging. Most of what you hear in the Order of malta controlled mainstream media is nothing more than complete lies and in many cases things have occurred way before. Take for instance Osama Bin Laden, we are told he was assassinated in 2011 by hyped U.S. Navy Seals. The truth of the matter is he died in December of 2001 just three months after the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, Bombardier Master Trust, Royal Canadian Air Force, NATO, UKMOD and Senior Executive Service executed the 9/11 attacks on the U.S.

      Osama was killed by a British intelligence agent named Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and Osama was then quickly buried in the People’s Republic of China. This was some ten years before the media hype for Barry Soetoro aka Obama came about. Why? It was down to a need of keeping Bin Laden alive in the media in order to see through the ten year freezing of Central Intelligence Agency funds. These could not be cashed in until the ten years had passed. Do you honestly think they could not have used someone else in Al-Qaeda as the boogeyman? Of course they could of. Do you not think that George W. Bush would not have loved the credit for killing Osama Bin Laden if he could have? Of course he would. But they could not due to these frozen financial systems.

      May I remind you that Al-Qaeda is a creation by the Carl M. Marcy family of Chicago through his Jesuit Georgetown ‘military fortress’ University trained daughter-in-law via her Senior Executive Service through the U.S. Small Business Administrations 8(a) program. Hillary Clinton who’s husband was also trained at Georgetown University, serves the Senior Executive Service and Crown Agents of the City of London Corporation and the Livery pirates.

      I would not be surprised if the so-called alternative media are filling up the net with typical disinformation. Perhaps they are trying to fill the truth seekers mind up with the possibility that Putin may still be in hospital, in hiding or even dead. By spreading information that he is using many doubles this could aid that sort of mind set. Then when we see him out and about, the conditioned people will think its not him. This then gives the west an edge in the propaganda war. They would love people to think Putin was no more or irrelevant. The majority of the alternative media is run by the Order of Malta through their continuation of the American Protective League and with organizations like the Council for National Policy. This is why you see the Sabbatean Frankist hofjudens of the Pope regularly attacked as the source of the World’s evil. You will find the sources pushing this anti-Jew propaganda are all mostly Roman Catholics themselves. Rome and the Vatican have always used the Jews as the fall guy to allow them to bypass their own religious texts and get away with it.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • All of you in Britain may be interested to take note of the article below. I have witnessed many petrol stations closed over the last fifteen years. One of the first companies I noticed dropping many stations was Esso. This has all been planned due to the agenda of the post-industrial zero-growth society. You will eventually have to be privileged to own a carriage just like the days of old.

    Prices for a barrel of oil will be in region of $225 so you can imagine the price of petrol at the forecourts. Do you think you can afford that? You will not have a job and you will be accepting Government credits and handouts. Today a Shell forecourt which was always rammed packed with carriages waiting for fuel, now rarely sees more than four at a time wanting fuel.

    Eventually they will want all cars electric where they can be charged up on special roads or by wireless. This will do away with forecourts of today as the traveling per mile charges start to roll out on the telematics boxes all being ushered in now for carriages. Conditioning to these telematics is aided by the scam by The Worshipful Company of Insurers to over-inflate car insurance premiums in order to force people to accept the big brother telematics to aid lowering of the premium. Eventually all cars will be driver-less and you will become a paying passenger just like the Johnny Cabs in the predictive programming movie, ‘Total Recall’.

    -= The Unhived Mind

  • ACE1947

    You are 100% correct about Osama bin Laden and his death and who was really behind the 9/11 operation.

    The Putin body double idea did not come from the net or any alternative news website but from my observation of Putin’s image and video throughout the years that I seen many discrepancies from one Putin to another which led me to believe that several different body doubles are used as stand-ins.

    And you are correct again that a man of Putin’s stature would need body doubles as he is a marked man if he stands up to the powers that be and this could be the case unfortunately .

  • truth19

    Putin’s motorcade in Chechnya (Putin is afraid of Russian)


    • When British Intelligence want to assassinate you then you need all the help you can get for protection. Cars need to be checked constantly because the SIS are masters of the Boston Brakes. I counted ninety-three cars. Most of which were German made Mercedes.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Mitic

    Maybe USA are going to attack Syria and Iran, a then Syria and Iran will bomb

    • Both Syria and Iran have a defense pact where the other will come to aid the other if they are attacked unlawfully. So expect trouble which ever one is attacked first and especially if it is Iran. No doubt Israel will be targeted instantly by both nations out to destroy the Zionist state. Rest assured that East Jerusalem (Vatican owned since 1993) will suffer no problems or very little issues whilst the rest of Israel is destroyed.

      This all fits in with the final seventh war followed by Freemasons and connected with the World War III mentioned by Albert Pike in his Morals & Dogma book for high-end Scottish Rite Freemasons. Not forgetting that Albert Pike was mastered by Jesuit soldier, Pierre-Jean de Smet SJ. Zionism is a creation by the Jesuit Order for a purpose and then it will be destroyed for the end goal which is the great work. Zionism will be pitted against Islam so both can be destroyed.

      Israel cannot defend itself in the slightest against a missile strike from these two nations. The Iron Dome simply is not up to the job and they know it. They had to remove Hosni Mubarak from Egypt in order to put one part of its defense system in that region which he would not allow. Mubarak was bribed off by the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst with funds taken from a phony E.U bailout fund connected with Josef Ackermann and the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

      You will see tactical nuclear strikes in the Middle East along with possible electro-magnetic pulse weaponry. Israel and the West have to play dirty because in truth they simply cannot win in normal combat situations. The Allies claim to be the best soldiers in the World but with a simple gun fight they cannot compare to the Taliban fighters of Afghanistan. Only Western special forces have something about them but even these cheat with modern technology etc.

      -= The Unhived Mind

  • Eisenhorn

    Damascus will fall.

    Isaiah 17:1 GNV
    The burden of Damascus. Beholde, Damascus is taken away from being a citie, for it shall be a RUINOUS HEAPE.

  • Here we go folks with yet more Western propaganda against Syria claiming all sorts about chemical weapons. Interesting the Order of Malta controlled Western media does not mention the Al-Qaeda germ Rebel insurgents and their chemical weapon attacks on innocent Syrians. Take note that Dubai is the nation where a lot of false information and propaganda is originating against Syria and Iran on weapons of mass destruction. The Order of Malta will be making Dubai the financial capital of the World eventually. This will join the political capital of the World which will be Iraq and of course the spiritual capital which will be the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem headed by the heads of the now Vatican system.

    -= The Unhived Mind

    Western Propaganda that Syria has WMD Drones – WHAT NEXT?

    • May I remind you that the European Union is run by the Jesuit Order through its proxy puppets like Jesuit trained Herman Van Rompuy and Honorary Knight of Malta, Jose Barroso.

      I totally agree with Webster Tarpley when it comes to why Iranian media has been removed from Western screens. It makes no sense militarily to allow Iranian media into the West when they will soon be attacking Iran and need to push their propaganda to the Western sheople. Removing Iranian media this early in the game will confuse people later on when the attack is coming. They also know too many are waking up and switching over to these types of media since they are the only real news channels available instead of entertainment channels now pushed as news such as Fox News.

      All of the Western media is controlled by the Order of Malta through the likes of their proxies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (Cable News Network, Al Jazeera) and British Intelligence (Associated Press, Reuters, MSNBC, Fox, Sky News). Make note that British Intelligence supply all the news to all the medias through Reuters and Associated Press. Malthusian Ted Turner the head of CNN and Rupert Murdoch the head of Fox are both Knights of Malta subordinate to the Cardinal Grandmaster (Matthew Festing) in Rome. All recognized Knights of Malta ultimately serve this Grandmaster through The Alliance of the Orders of St John of Jerusalem based in Geneva, Switzerland a canton dominated by the Papist House of Savoy.

      -= The Unhived Mind

      “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
      –Former CIA Director William Colby


      Yahya Pallavicini

      Both Jesuit trained and both Papists for a new Dark Age

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