US Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue “Military-Style” Gun-Maker

US Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue “Military-Style” Gun-Maker

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 04/14/2016

In a somewhat stunning decision, SkyNews reports that a US judge has ruled that the families of victims in the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School can sue the maker of the weapon used in the attack, arguing the Bushmaster rifle is a military weapon that should not have been sold to civilians.

As SkyNews reports,

Gun companies had sought to reject the negligence and wrongful death lawsuit filed two years after the attack by nine victims' relatives and a survivor.


But Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis said a 2005 federal law protecting gun-makers from lawsuits does not shield the companies from legal action in this case.


She ruled that lawyers for the victims' families can still argue the semi-automatic rifle is a military weapon and should not have been sold to civilians.


The legal action names Remington Arms, maker of the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, model XM15-E2S, as well as the distributor and seller.


A lawyer for the families, Josh Koskoff, welcomed Thursday's news that the lawsuit can proceed.


"We are thrilled that the gun companies' motion to dismiss was denied," he said.


"The families look forward to continuing their fight in court."

Gunman Adam Lanza used the Bushmaster to kill 20 children and six adults at the school in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012.

Earlier this week a judge ruled that state police do not have to release to media some of Lanza's writings, including his spreadsheet ranking mass murders.


Media were also seeking publication of 20-year-old Lanza's notebook titled The Big Book of Granny.


It contains a story he wrote in fifth grade featuring a character who likes hurting people, especially children.

So an otherwise totally normal kid driven to massacre by the 'availability' of a weapon? yep makes perfect sense.

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    The American people have every right to own such guns as the Bushmaster rifle! Why? The Constitution allows the people to overthrow both foreign and domestic enemies. In order to be able to have a chance against domestic enemies such as the government then the people have to be able to own ground weapons that can match their own military in order to make things more of a fair fight. It’s no good an American patriot owning a peashooter when his enemy has a fully automatic machine gun. Long live the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Sandy Hook was a staged event put on by the FBI Division Five and a bunch of crisis actors and pure deception just like the claims that Alison Parker was shot when clearly she wasn’t. Now you can see why the Governments of the world rushed to put these new style television sets in your home which program you via a low-light secret color coding system that has advanced with the projection of millions of colors capable from these new TV sets. Now the establishment can show you outright deceptions but have the victim believe everything he’s told regardless of the visuals. Patents going back as far as the 1970s were put in place for devices which could program the mind and then remove all memory of the events so imagine what these agencies have today like the Stoner technology to give you an heart attack utilizing your own cell phone as a carrier wave.

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