Vaccines – The England hypothesis and the Autistic induced Delta and Epilson slave workers

The England hypothesis

Jim Stone

After looking at what is out there on the topic of vaccines intentionally creating autism, and the “England Hypothesis”, the troll responses pretty much confirm that this nails it on the head precisely. No other vaccine topic gets such pointed and precise trollage. The woman who stated this hypothesis has completely slipped into oblivion. To have no follow ups strongly indicates she was either done away with or censored completely.

I believe this is precisely what the newly formulated vaccines are for. The trolls are so afraid of this topic that they have even dragged the testimony of police officer Savage through the dirt over this, spewing obvious lies about his character, saying “he never made it through the Police Academy” despite the fact he was a 20 year veteran. Interesting they would connect him even though “The England Hypotheses” has nothing to do with him. That is a high level troll tactic, the England Hypothesis and Officer Savage have received special attention. Nail on the head . . . .

The manner of trollage itself is strong evidence that “shaken baby syndrome” covering for vaccine deaths and “The England Hypothesis” are both BANG ON. The England Hypothesis follows:

“According to the England Hypothesis, named after research journalist Christina England, vaccine-induced autism is an intentional chemical manipulation to create worker drones – sterile, docile, unable to question the conditions handed to them for their lives, content with boring, repetitive tasks, placid, disposable and interchangeable. In short, autists are the ‘deltas’ and ‘epsilons’ of the brave New World Order consistent with the genocidal aspirations of globalization via Agenda 21.

Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation fears the England Hypothesis may be correct. She examined autism and vaccination data and now believes that autism is not just the tragic byproduct of vaccination, but the real reason behind its use.

Laibow knows the concept is deeply shocking, which has helped hide the real nature of vaccination programs. She notes that as people susceptible to vaccine damage reproduce, their genetic susceptibility and cumulative genomic damage accumulates.

Multinationals now actively seek autistic workers because they are easily controlled and value highly structured, routine lives and are frequently infertile.

The irrational vigor with which vaccination is promoted by globalist organizations is predicted by the England Hypothesis since it results in a sharply escalating autistic population.

Depopulation programs like the UN’s Agenda 21 require technicians whose personality and skill profiles are well-matched by many autistic people.

Take a look at what a doctor has to say in This related video, it lends strong credibility to this. It is sort of like something Grandma would make, but is incredibly solid despite that.

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  • theunhivedmind

    I believe this Dr Rima is onto something here and she’s coming from an angle I hadn’t even thought about. You tend to think of autism as a full blown disability where the victims have to be cared for constantly but this isn’t true. I’ve noticed that computer classes are being promoted for autistic people and they excel at the tasks they’re given. There won’t be any jobs for humans which involve the typical tasks we do today and have in the past. The only rare jobs available will be computer software based jobs so it makes sense that the goal of fifty percent of the population being autistic will then suit those exact jobs needs. The new worker race will be people who if they hadn’t been purposely brain damaged wouldn’t have been able to do the job that they now will after receiving autistic brain rewiring. This will be the first stages towards full delta and epsilon beings which will come through a government program which will churn out beings created in laboratories like I’ve mentioned for over a decade and a half. The population will have their fertility destroyed by numerous methods including generations of cross-breeding. After a while governments will license people who can still breed based on genetic markers before the entire population becomes sterile and gets fully replaced by laboratory drones loyal only to their task and/or World Government master. Now you can understand why these alternative doctors working with GcMAF (Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor) have been demonized or even horizontalized for attempting to counter the autistic creating agenda. To understand the minds of the New Venice Empire elite then look up Bertrand Russell’s book ‘The Impact of Science on Society.’ New Venice agent Bertrand Russell kick started the degeneracy of mankind and he’s highly admired by the Jesuit Order which should give you a clue as to how evil this man really was. Both Russell and Crowley have destroyed todays cultures and beings both mentally and physically.

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