Young Americans taught to act violently in dealing with conflicts: Activist

Young Americans taught to act violently in dealing with conflicts: Activist

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More than 11,000 people are murdered with a firearm each year in the United States.

Young Americans are taught to deal with conflicts violently for which they can easily access and use guns, says human rights activist Darrell Davis.

“The epidemic of violence in America is beyond reason at this point,” said Davis, executive director at a human rights organization, Westchester Grassroots Coalition.

“There are a lot of right wing groups that insist that America is safer in private citizens or safer with more guns in the streets; no statistics prove that, in fact it’s the reverse,” he told Press TV on Sunday.

He made the remarks when asked to comment on a shooting incident in the US city of Philadelphia on Saturday night when a gunman opened fire on a block party, injuring seven people, including two children, aged two and ten years old.

“Unfortunately young people are taught to handle conflicts with violence and violently,” said Davis. “Guns being so easily accessible, ensure that you are going to have this type of violence and so we need to get some sanity; we need to push back against people who say that guns make us safer; they don’t.”

“Violence is a problem in America, whether it’s racially motivated or it’s violence among gangs or violence among young people; it’s just a huge problem. And there is no end in sight until we start dealing with the problem of violence and the problem of guns in the combination in America, it’s just been out of control,” he concluded.

The Philadelphia shooting occurred just one hour after a gunfight in Detroit killed one person and left at least nine others injured.

A three year investigation by the political magazine Mother Jones has determined that more than 320,000 Americans were killed by gunshots over the last decade and at least 750,000 were injured.

The average cost to US taxpayers for a single gun homicide in America is nearly $400,000, according to the study.

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