Youtube and media promote World’s youngest transsexual


Tuesday October 23 2012 by Charlie Dubuck

A TEENAGER who became the world’s youngest transsexual when she was just 16 has become an internet sensation after releasing a cover of Chris Brown’s well known track Don’t Wake Me Up on YouTube.
Kim Petras, who covered the well-known track, has racked up a whooping half a million its on the video platform.

Kim, who used to be known as Tim, now 20, recorded the track herself doing the backing vocals on her PC at her home in Cologne, Germany, then playing them back over the finished version.

By the time the German teen had uploaded the song it had taken a total of about two hours work.

The track has become an overnight sensation with celebrity columnist Perez Hilton voicing his appreciation for Kim.

Kim, who has signed for an independent music label in Germany also writes her own music.

One fan wrote below the video: “I can’t get over how fantastic Kim’s voice is! I don’t care who she was in the past. The only thing that matters is that she is happy. She’s comfortable in her body, she’s stunningly beautiful, and her voice is to die for.”

I can’t get over how fantastic Kim’s voice is!

A fan on youtube

But the accolade hasn’t always come so easily, her manager Michael Leidig told local media: “I’ve seen the bullying and the mobbing and I know that because of her past she will always face prejudice, even if its less of a problem now because she has so many fans than it was before, but its still going to be difficult for her in many ways in the future.

“All she wants to do is write and perform and if she can do that it will all have been worthwhile.”

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