The National Security Agency’s Youtube aka censortube has suspended my account for a period of time because I uploaded most excellent truth on abortion by Dr Bill Deagle and Willa London from a broadcast of the Nutrimedical Report on the 25th November 2011. What’s really going on is that they don’t like you knowing the truth that you’re being turned into cannibals by Dame of Malta, Queen Beatrix and her Pepsico company along with the Vatican’s horrid Nestle based in Switzerland with their fetus flavor enhancers.

Its time to move from Youtube completely now and find a better alternative or simply host your own videos and audio. Youtube is a censor outfit out to promote nonsense and generation-X idiotic actions amongst the craving for an Orwellian tell-me-all society under Total Information Awareness tied to the Office of Information Awareness going into DARPA and the Department of Defense tied to the U.S. Navy etc and The Worshipful Company of Fuellers running the intelligence network.

Its great this action has been taken. Either the censors were instantly on the look out for this or some stasi brainwashed liberal grassed up the video with the grass button google are so fond of. Youtube can take a running jump as its a piece of crap nobody likes but have just used. Many have moved already to better systems anyhow and more will. Do away with it along with Facebook and be free from this nonsense.

The U.N Agenda 21 aka Sustainable Development is killing the human race for the Club of Rome and Emperor Juan Carlos with his sick perverted Malthusian minded false science clown puppets like City of London vermin, Jonathan Porritt the adviser of green-cult, anti-Bible deceiver, Charles Windsor the Great Master of the Order of the Bath. Yes the family of criminals behind 9/11 with others stemming from New Jerusalem (City of London) and the Holy See. They want you to do sinful things such as abort your babies and then eat the babies as flavor enhancers. In God’s eyes this is a big no-no and therefore when these perverted bloodlines kill you as animals, God lets this happen as you’ve committed wicked sin already. Remember they see you as animals not even mammals today and it all goes back to 1906 and the Food and Drug Act. In the Bible they detest so much, it says in Genesis chapter nine verse six that you were created in God’s image as a man with dominion over the animals. So how can you be an animal? Precisely!

This is the antichrist Holy See at work under its many veils whether it be a look of weakening from exposure to paedophilia by the people or the self-destruction of Christianity which they veil themselves within but detest with a passion. The Holy See wishes for the destruction of Christianity once they have everything else in place. Their usurping of Christianity was merely to take over, destroy then come out for what they really are. The Catholic Church is not weakened, its not good, its not Holy. Its more powerful than ever, its revived, the Roman Empire is back stronger than ever as prophesied in the Biblical texts. The Holy See is the seat of the Antichrist, there is no futurism its a scam, the antichrist is here in Rome the wicked city of the Harlot and those seven hills including Aventine Hill the home of one of the three main headquarters of the Knights of Malta in the region and going back to the WHQ of the Knights Templar.

Don’t be fooled by this Beast system. Interesting also how my account blocking on Youtube comes as I warn people to get out of the banks as the European economic collapse is coming at any moment. The Beast does not want you learning the truth and certainly does not want the general populace learning the truth. We’re being exterminated from the planet daily by abortions and other methods such as the medical mafia of The Worshipful Company of Barbers and The Worshipful Company of Apothecaries. Both of these vile organisations aid in the death of up to 300,000 U.S. Citizen chattel per year. Imagine their Worldwide destruction of humanity. It has to end we’re winning the information battle but now they’re playing dirty with censorship of free speech. They’ll tell you your free and in a democracy but you’re not free your a slave and a democracy puts you and God below government unlike a Republic such as the pre 1848 the united States of America. Now its a false Federal Republic with no ties to God or the Bible the original America was created upon.

Welcome to this vile World run by the Holy See and the Amalfi merchants from hell. Its time that so-called sovereign New Jerusalem was removed entirely off our land of England and sent packing to Vatican City where it belongs with its master. Whilst we’re at it we’ll shove 114 Mount Street and St John’s Wood packing over there too. I’m fed up of these vermin of the Roman Catholic front dominating and controlling my land and enslaving my people. The Howard, Powell, Percy, Butler, Pallavicini, Windsor (Guelph) and other families can all go to Rome where they belong. Its time to remove the scum from out the Country and your Countries too. Its time in England for the British Constitutional Group to flourish and take back our nation of land. But beware, if we do we shall be at war with blood in streets with this enemy who will never give in. This is why its a important we must see their veils and not fall for their knee-jerk indoctrinations of gatekeeperism. In other words we must not say its wrong to remove Catholics with brainwashing of hate crime etc. We need to remove the real enemy otherwise we never defeat the enemy and the war. This is why the Jesuits have made this system which serves them well after all the brainwashing by their media systems run by The Worshipful Company of Fuellers and The Worshipful Company of Mercers. The same as they’ve used their education system to indoctrinate you all which are controlled by The Worshipful Company of Mercers, The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers and the Guild of Educators. The later being a big part of the indoctrination for this U.N Agenda 21 malthusian cult of death.

Time for a real change, time to remove Common Purpose and Demos from England, time to remove Common Cause from America. Time to pull the plug on the sea of souls submerging our land and controling it at the Crown Bar of New Jerusalem. Time for our rights and freedoms under God to shine again as we are creations of his from conception onwards to be free on his Earth.

-=The Unhived Mind


  • Dr Bill Deagle & Willa London – 25 Nov 2011 – Abortions for UN Agenda 21:

  • Interesing isn’t it how when most truthsayers get around 5000 subscribers Youtube attacks their channel all of a sudden. You see they hope you stay small and don’t reach an audience which many do not. When you become popular well thats another ball games. Remember how the Southern Poverty LIAR Center plays its part in this too. Nothing more than the American Protective League continuum.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  • Rattler Rider

    I see this, so I downloaded your VIMEO copy, I prefer full length anyhow, and then I posted that at Candid Conservatives. I knew something was up as soon as I seen that part one go down. I notice the top truthers have been getting tossed from YT, freedom of speech will end shortly as all else falls to the ground around us.

  • Free speech ended a long time ago when it comes to these Fueller/Mercer controls systems. We’ll all eventually end up having to go on Russia servers and then the Fuellers will simply delete us all from the search engines. Thats fine we’ll go back old school internet when there were no search engines in the first place. Then if they want to push us further we’ll go back to our own private BBS systems on dial-up with modems again. Theres also shortwave radio etc.

    -=The Unhived Mind

  • I’ve now made sure all my videos are scattered across the internet and I’ve now created a new Youtube Channel to act as a portal to this months videos and new videos coming including today’s Bob Chapman video of the 28 Nov 2011. Most of the comments are intact and present on this channel. I will still be using the older Youtube channel also at some point hopefully, both will be updated regular as usual. Please visit the channel and let me know what you think:

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